7 Questions to Ask Your Current Training Provider

Here are ‘7 Questions to Ask Your Current Training Provider’. And we believe you would like to challenge your current training provider positively and these questions will help.

1. Does your current training provider offer 1 day training courses?

We believe that 1 day courses have a limited effect and certainly without support before & after the course, they are ineffective, and a series of support is much more effective. This is because, according to Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, we forget most of what we have learnt after 30 days, unless it is re-remembered.

Clock with 9 to 5 on it and a cross through it - 'Say No! to One Day Training Courses'

Say No! To One Day Training Courses

2. Does your training provider hand-out decks of slides during/after courses?

Our experience and feedback from our Learners suggest that people never revisit ‘course decks’ but only file them. Our ‘Sticky Learning ®’ ensures long-term aims for learning retention without the need for harming the environment.

3. Is your training the result of a Development Needs Analysis that identifies who needs what?

We offer an DNA that has 3 parts; A 121 online survey, a stakeholder meeting and 121 interviews with a cross-section of your team.

4. How comprehensive is the evaluation to understand your return on investment?

Each training programme has a 5 level evaluation called a ‘Chain of Evidence’, so that you know that we are using a tried & tested model and you will get a comprehensive evaluation. Please review this product to see a specific example of how we evaluate each product.

Chain of Evidence Logo

Chain of Evidence

5. What before and after course support do your Learners get?

Our experienced trainers designed Sticky Learning ® with the aim of delivering long-term skill transfer by putting in place ‘spaced repetition’. This is delivered at the appropriate days apart using case studies, one page reminders, questions, etc. to nudge, prod, and poke the Learner’s brain to keep their newly learned skill at the forefront of their mind.

6. Do the trainers have practical experience of their subject or are there theoretical trainers?

All our trainers have worked in either a supermarket or a supermarket supplier for at least 10 years each and have a combined training experience of well over 100 years.

7. Does your current training provider have a learning blueprint that delivers long-term skill transfer?

One month after a course your learner will have forgotten over 80% of what they have learnt, according to Ebbinghaus’ ‘Forgetting Curve’. Our Sticky Learning ® ensures that this does not happen.
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