Share Your Expertise as an Associate

Share Your Expertise as an Associate

You have a huge amount of expertise and experience. We’d love to share it.  By sharing your expertise with ‘jaw-dropping content’ as an associate, you can help raise the profile of MBM on the web, which provides leads, which gives you work. As an example, the Ultimate Guide to Category Management has led to Pokemon and Newell contacting us. They are billion-pound companies and love what we do.

Here’s how you can help:

#1 Write and Deliver a Webinar/Podcast

TutorWe run 1 webinar each week, sometimes two. The aim is to share a common problem and how it can be solved. The webinars always follow a standard format. The title is a problem the person has but does not want and the subtitle is the solution they want but do not have, e.g. ‘Are you trapped in your inbox? 7 tools to enable you to get the high impact work done’.

Each webinar is 30 minutes consisting of an introduction from Sarah, with a poll, 20 minutes from the expert sharing slides, and then about 5 minutes of Q&A, followed by a final poll to measure success. Past webinars can be viewed here. We also offer some paid webinars for really great content.
At the end of each webinar, we offer the Learners an opportunity to say if they are interested in a relevant training course. Sarah follows-up on each and every lead. Our best webinar had over 100 Learners and another had over 99% attentiveness!

For an associate to write and deliver a webinar, we will pay 1/2 a day. To deliver a webinar only is about an hour, so you will need to log them until you can bill a half day. Pitch an idea to Sarah with a short email, and she’ll let you know if it is good to go.

We have just launched into the world of iTunes with our first ever Podcast. Each Podcast needs to be personal development tips told through ‘Short and Sticky’ stories. If you have an idea for a topic pitch the idea to Sarac with a short email, and she’ll let you know. Past podcasts can be viewed here.

#2 Write a Book Review

Ideal learners

You are likely to read personal development books. A book on body language, or the ‘Chimp Paradox’, or the latest self-development best seller. We’d love you to share that with the world.

We have about 10 book reviews on our blog. Here’s a book review on ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport. Your review only needs to be more than 300 words and you can follow the format we have used for other reviews.

We’ll do the optimisation, linking, adding the image. You just write the text. Fancy it?

To write a book review is about an hour and will need to be logged until you can bill a half day. Pitch an idea to DAS with a short email, and he’ll let you know if it is good to go.

Associate, Writer typing with retro writing machine.

#3 Write an Article on Our Award-Winning Blog

TestimonialsHave something to say? An article can be 300 words to a thousand words to more. It depends on how much you have to say. Again, you can write it into an email and we’ll transfer it to our website and optimise it so that people can find it. The advantage of writing directly into WordPress is that you get a readability score, as you type.

Ideally, we would like the topic to be about one of our keywords, e.g. People Management Skills, and have a unique perspective. Rather than just saying what others have said before. Here’s an article about a new way to manage email. it might work, it might not. At least it’s out there.
To write an article depends on how much you have to say. Simply pitch an idea to Andy with a short email and he’ll get back to you.

#4 Review an Ultimate Guide

Course durationWe have 14 Ultimate Guides. You can find them under ‘Free’ on the home page. These are ‘flagship stores’. The reason they are important is that this is what we want to be found for. For example, if you type ‘Category Management’ into google, we want to be number one. We are not at present. We’ll keep trying until we are. We did beat Forbes magazine earlier this year.

Is your specialist topic one of these Ultimate Guides? E.g. Negotiation Skills. Then spend 2 hours reviewing an Ultimate Guide and tell us what it lacks, what’s missing, how it could be better, what it doesn’t answer, and ultimately what you think it would take to make it The Ultimate Guide.

To review an Ultimate Guide, simply pitch an idea to DAS with a short email and he’ll get back to you.

#5 Add Extensively to an Ultimate Guide

Topics covered

If you think there are large pieces missing from the Ultimate Guide, let us know. For example, if our Ultimate Guide to Coaching Skills, has no mention of the OSKAR technique (It does, by the way – Kate wrote it!) you could add a section as an associate writer. You would only need to write it in email, or word, and we can do the rest.

To add extensively to an Ultimate Guide depends on how much you have to say. Simply pitch an idea to DAS with a short email and he’ll get back to you.

#6 Write a Whitepaper

Learners per courseEach week we receive over 100 email addresses from people that have downloaded a piece from our website. When someone enters their email address they are then added to our weekly ‘drip’ (newsletter). We chase-up each of these leads for business. This page provides examples of our whitepapers for you to download.

The best whitepapers are those that qualify a lead. As an example, our whitepaper entitled, ‘Are you getting the best ROI from your training?’, is downloaded by people that are not getting the best ROI. That is then a perfect opportunity for us to pitch us.

Can you write a white paper that helps solve a current problem for an HR Manager, L&D Manager, Sales Director, or Category Manager at a supplier to a UK Supermarket? Simply pitch an idea to Andy with a short email and he’ll get back to you.

Associate businesswoman with documents in her office working

#7 Review & Expand Glossaries

ROIReview, add definitions/expand definitions to glossaries.  We will pay 1 hour of our associate rate per Glossary.


Other Associate Opportunites? Make Us An Offer

Something else you want to help with? Something else that adds values or sales? Let us know, we are open to considering and discussing all ideas. Also, don’t forget our commission deal page: Earn Money for Yourself by Recommending MBM…

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