Christmas Adverts 2021: Who Will Come Out on Top This Year?

Here is Your 2021 Christmas Advert List – Is John Lewis This Year’s Winner?

Christmas. The time of year where adverts on our television are watched with an eager eye and enjoyed by all for their festivities. We will chart the most popular Christmas adverts of 2021. Discover who has taken the advertising crown. Can anyone topple the perennial classic John Lewis Christmas ad?

John Lewis’s Unexpected Guest

Currently, John Lewis are taking first place with their sci-fi twist on a classic Christmas meeting.

  • 2,200,000 Views as of 23/11/2021

John Lewis Christmas Advert Image

Aldi’s Ebananna Scrooge

Aldi have taken Kevin the Carrot to a new level this year with a fantastic twist on the classic A Christmas Carol, introducing ‘Ebananna Scrooge’.

  • 776,000 Views as of 23/11/2021

Aldi's Christmas Advert Image

Amazon: The Gift of Kindness

Amazon shares a simple but powerful advert this year highlighting that kindness really is the greatest gift.

  • 595,860 Views as of 23/11/2021

Amazons Christmas Advert

Asda on Ice

Asda’s ‘on ice’ advert shows that there can be magic in all the moments.

  • 474,054 Views as of 23/11/2021

asdas Christmas Advert

Marks & Spencers: Percy Pig

M& S are making the season anything but ordinary this year by bringing their favourite character, Percy Pig, to life with the voice of Tom Holland.

  • 447,065 Views as of 23/11/2021

M&S Christmas Advert

Sainsbury’s: A Christmas to Savour

Sainsbury’s share a brilliant family advert this year by showing a freeze frame of a traditional British family Christmas, reminding us to savour every moment.

  • 437,274 Views as of 23/11/2021

Sainsburys Christmas Advert

Tesco: This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us

Tesco are bringing everyone together in their advert that shows Covid-19 isn’t stopping them, or us, this Christmas.

  • 387,370 Views as of 23/11/2021

Tescos Christmas Advert Image

McDonald’s: Imaginary Iggy

Imaginary Iggy tells of a child’s imaginary friend are their journey as she grows up. Reminds us all that we’re never too old for creativity.

  • 367,337 Views as of 23/11/2021

McDonalds Christmas Advert Image

Morrison’s: Farmer Christmas

Farmer Christmas shows how to make good things happen, and gives a little reminder of those working tirelessly in the background all year round.

  •  106,637 Views as of 23/11/2021

Morrisons Christmas Advert

Argos’: Baubles to Last Year, Christmas is ON!

Argos shows how everyone is making Christmas this best one yet, and making up for last year.

  •  55,000 Views as of 23/11/2021

Argos Christmas Image

More adverts will be added to the list as they become available. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and check every week for more up to date winners.

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