Create a 30-Minute 121 Supporting Session Brief

 Create a 30-Minute 121 Supporting Session Brief – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are You Annoyed by How Little Line Managers Support the Skills Training of Their Teams?’

Creating something for someone to ‘shoot at’ is always easier than them having to start from scratch. By sharing what a 30-minute 121 supporting session looks like, the Line Manager can use it as a base for their learning support and build on it as they wish.

A 30-minute 121 briefing would look like:

Time                  30 minutes.
Who                   Line Manager and the Learner (Their report).
Objective          To understand 1) What are the Learner’s objectives for their training? 2) How are they   performing against those objectives? 3) What does the Learner need from their Line                                            Manager in order to achieve those objectives?
Format             Over coffee, not formal.
Success             The Learner has a breakthrough about what they need to do better to achieve their   learning objectives.
Questions         G: By the time your hand hits the door-handle at the end of the meeting, what would you like to have achieved?    R: What have you done about this issue/change so far? What                                        results have you seen?  O: What if you had total autonomy – what might you try instead?  W: What might get in the way? How will you overcome any obstacles?


Timer in the shape of a tomato - Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

Try combining a 121 with the Time Management technique ‘Pomodoro’


Create a brief for a 30-minute 121 between a Line Manager and their Learner to use as a guide and for them to build upon.

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