Stella Collins FITOL

“I was lucky enough to work with Andy Palmer from Making Business Matter (MBM), coaching him to review and examine the services that MBM provide for clients with a view to making them more brain friendly.    I was very quickly impressed with the quality of work that MBM already did and their approach to making learning easy, enjoyable and highly memorable and applicable for clients is one of the best I’ve come across.  They really embrace the concept of learning being more than an ‘event’ and have some innovative ways of ensuring learning lasts and is applied in the long term.

Working with Andy was a delight because he was so open to learning and keen to examine and challenge what they already did and to embrace challenge, feedback, and new ideas.  They had already intuitively embedded many of the principles of brain friendly learning into their programmes and have a very clear ethos and methodology to make learning sticky.  They now have further foundations based on the science of learning, and thanks to Andy’s creativity, many new ideas to continue to build and develop their services for the benefit of their clients.

I am confident that the changes that MBM are making to their design and delivery will provide exceptional support for their customers for the long term and I thoroughly recommend their services”.

Stella Collins FITOL, Creative Director of Stellar Learning and founder of the Brain Friendly Learning Group. She is also the author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’