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What Our Clients Say

Very informative and extremely thought-provoking content – 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails.
Andrew Gill, Pritchitts.

A great punchy learning from MBM again! When you only have limited time this is a great resource to tap into! Thank you Darren and the team….. a brilliant company helping spread best practices in the industry – 7 Mistakes Leaders Make.
Jane Clarke, Morrisons

I work with Amazon and work with stakeholders of various geography and multi culture in my present role. Every tip out of 21 tips you gave were very connecting and value adding.
I had few gaps before the session on errors my team does in email writing but now I am equipped with the wisdom on the same and finds my self capable to guide them as well as self on such errors.
A great thanks to you and your team for creating this value adding session.
Worth of my time investment to attend this module – 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails.
Sanjeev Mittal, Amazon

Another great webinar from MBM. Focusing on Tesco’s Sourcing reset, why they are looking to streamline, how they will go about it and what your business needs to do to maintain listings going forward. Highly recommended- You Survived Range Reset. Are You Ready For Sourcing Reset?
Simon Ashwell, Tilda

I found the webinar both insightful and thought-provoking. Working on the retail side of our business I hadn’t really thought about the implications for Food Service suppliers but clearly, Tesco will look to make in-roads and in so doing will offer up opportunities for some suppliers – Are You Concerned That the Tesco/Booker Merger will Cost You a Fortune?
Jim Ferguson. Business Account Controller (Baking). Dr. Oetker (UK) Ltd.

I attended your 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails today. I found this well presented with good pace and poignant background to explain and illustrate points. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to gain more results from their e-mail communications.
Jonathan Braisby, Refresco Beverages UK Limited

As a business, we are trying to move away from an ‘email based culture’ and the 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails provided numerous ways of helping us to address this. The webinar Identified and offered solutions to the email mistakes that we are all guilty of, either knowing or unknowingly, and was delivering in a relevant and informal style that could be used to help improve communication across all levels of an organisation.
Lisa Canterbury, MPM Products

Really good Webinar on a subject which we can all improve in. Excellent content and delivery. I have taken a lot from it and can now see ways of improving my style and adopting a different approach so the desired output is achieved – 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails.
Massimo Stravino, A G Barr

I found the course useful. Some key bits for me were considering To/CC and if you have CC someone in explain why. I also took note of how to best structure my emails to get a quick and effective response i.e. using bullet points, considering headings and using the bold function. Since sitting the course I am now hoping to create a “charter” for emails within my direct reports” – 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails.
Lorna Thomas, A G Barr

I have found MBM’s webinars to be useful and engaging. They are well structured and paced from knowledgeable presenters. They make you think about the fundamentals you should be doing and provide solutions where you aren’t. I would recommend these and there other resources – Are You Struggling to Negotiate and Win with Your Buyer?
Simon Ashwell, Tilda

This webinar was very true to everyday life and it made me rethink how much time I should spend on emails – Are You Trapped in Your Inbox? 
David Gibson, A G Barr

It was a 30 mins full of engagement on the subject. My Org uses SBI model and I had a fair understanding of the same. However post this session I am now more clearer on S B I model in detail and with practical application of the concept – Are You Struggling to Give Feedback to a Colleague and It Is Not Landing as Intended? 
Sanjeev Mittal, Amazon

The session by MBM covered the entire breadth on this subject. A great introspection during the session while the trainer was covering all the 7 mistakes we all make as leaders. The session helped in self identification of those mistakes with a action plan to self correct them. A great value add session – 7 Mistakes Leaders Make.
Sanjeev Mittal, Amazon

Enjoyed the webinar that I tuned into last evening. The key tenets of success were clear and concise, well articulated and thought-provoking. The webinar was clear and the ‘Go-To’ platform over that timeframe is the ideal vehicle to present FMCG business topics of relevance. The fact that it was not a hard sell for follow on training was also greatly appreciated. I would (and have!) strongly recommend your webinars to people in this industry – Are You Struggling to Negotiate and Win with Your Buyer?
Alex McLaren, Gordian Solutions

I attended the session 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails online this morning, I found the content to be both very informative and very useful. For a person that sends and receives countless e-mails on a daily basis both internally and also internationally. It certainly made me stop, think and review how competent I am at this form of communication in both my work and social life. The session, I felt was well paced, certainly thought provoking in my approach to How What and To Whom I communicate in future.
Martin Horsnail, Commercial Director, Homestead Foods Ltd

Thanks for hosting the webinar, I found it very interesting. It was particularly useful in reminding and highlighting the need to be prepared and ask ourselves the right questions. In addition, beyond just Tesco, the process to be ready for “supplier reset” can be applied to other retailers if (or rather when!) needed – You Survived Range Reset. Are You Ready For Sourcing Reset? 
Angelique Anthiam, Pasquier

Our everyday chores rely pretty much on sending e-mails back & forward, hence, having an efficient, productive, accurate way of managing our e-mails and engaging with our peers is crucial to improve results making the most of our time and resources, as well as our customers’ or co-workers’. Darren makes an eloquent X-ray of our e-mail habits pointing out easy, sensible ways to avoid communication mistakes and productivity leaks, and all of it in only 30 minutes!, for me one the best used half-hour in years. The advice given should be re-read every once in a while to keep those golden rules fresh, they are certainly worth it – 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails
Javier Arizmendi Ruiz, Zerya

I thought the 21 Mistakes You Make When Writing Emails was great, providing some handy tips that I often forget to use when writing emails. It was useful to visually see the difference these tips made to an email too. Thank you again.
Erika Bertulyte, Korbond Care

Thank you for such a great and informative session.
It has helped me to recognize the areas which I need to improve on.
Kindly send me a PPT copy of this webinar to enable me to prepare adequately for a presentation that I will be making this weekend- Are You Struggling to Increase the Power of Your Presentation 
Mildred Kottonya, Sanofi

It reminded me about how important it is to actually know the people on your team. Being a leader is much more than just telling people what they need to do in their roles and making sure what needs to get done gets done. You need to talk, not to them but with them, and listen to them and empathize. My boss is a long flight away from me and I want her to listen to this webinar – 7 Mistakes Leaders Make 
Cassandra Prce, Bibby, Financial Services

I am not sure how I got on the mailing list for the webinar, and I must say best decision I have ever made. I enjoy the short and quick learning from various expats and as a business leader today’s presentation by Alison was amazing and something that I need to work and it was practical approaches that as a leader we can enhance. Keep these coming – 7 Mistakes Leaders Make 
Lisa Banda, Chep

I attended a great free Webinar on the purchase of Nisa by Coop, it’s clear that MBM really know their stuff and provide valuable insight based on the broad variety of trade experience that they have – CoOp and NISA – What does the future hold for suppliers?
Nathan Robinson, Purina

A very informative and clearly presented, with key points made to stand out to effectively drive home the point. Golden Rules of Negotiation are the most memorable part of the presentation – Are You Struggling to Negotiate and Win With Your Buyers?/em>
Sisco Tello, FESA