Sarah’s Top 4 Free Webinars

Watch our webinar videos to help you become the best version of yourself.

Personal Development Plan: Not Sure What to Start – Part #1

Sticky Learning Lunches Webinar

Personal Development Plans are an important part of both personal and professional development. Watch part 1 to understand where to start when creating your PDP.

All parts of our Personal Development Plan sessions are available on our YouTube channel.

The Leadership Upgrade: ‘Self Evaluation’ EVOC Leadership Model – Part #1

Sticky Learning Lunches Webinar

Leadership plays a vital part in any business. Watch part 1 to understand how you can use the EVOC model of leadership.

All parts of our Personal Development Plan sessions are available on our YouTube channel.

Having a Mental Health Conversation Bothers Me – Part #1: Mindset

Sticky Learning Lunches Webinar

Mental Health conversations can be difficult. Watch our webinar to ensure you have the correct Mindset to have a mental health conversation by asking the correct questions and creating a space to help someone de-escalate.

All parts of our Mental Health sessions are available on our YouTube channel.

My Time Management is Excellent! – I Don’t Need to Attend this Webinar – Part #1

Sticky Learning Lunches Webinar

If you are struggling with your Time Management, watch our webinar and find out how to improve your productivity with the 7 hurdles of time management.

All parts of our Time Management sessions are available on our YouTube channel.

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