Interview with Simon Spence, Sales Director at Westbridge Foods

In this article you can find an interview with the Sales Director at Westbridge Foods, Simon Spence:

1. What is your name, title, company, and for how long have you been at that company & where were you before?
Simon Spence, Sales Director, Westbridge Foods Limited for 3.5 years, prior to that Icefresh Foods Ltd for 12 years.

Man on green cap, Simon Spence of Westbridge Foods
Simon Spence – Westbridge Foods

2. What’s the most exciting thing about your job?
The Customer, identifying new ways to engage and excite and create growth opportunities.

3. What one mistake have you made at work? And how would you do it differently if you had your time again?
Misplaced trust in some people, I’d take more time to learn and understand before over-committing.

4. Do you have any hidden talents?
Nope…all my talents are out there for all to see! Not pretty!

5. What is your favourite self-development book and why?

7 Habits, Eat That Frog, Six Hats…all classics and all is still so relevant today.

6. What are your top 3 proudest moments in life? At home and/or at work?
After all the obvious Children stuff…it would be summiting Mont Blanc and marrying my beautiful wife.

7. What is your favourite piece of resource for learning? (Blog, video, guide, etc.)
Vlog and Video…I respond best to visual learning aids.

8. What is your favourite film of all time and why?
Easy! Top Gun…very cliché, but brings back such great memories of 1986.  Must have watched 100 times!

maverick pilot with co pilot behind him
Top Gun

9. What words of encouragement do you have for suppliers that are finding it tough in the UK Grocery Industry at present?
Stick to your knitting and be sure of what you want to get out of every relationship before you get into it.  It is brutal out there but don’t be afraid of the tough discussions.

Final 4 Questions…

10. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to come into the world of the UK Grocery Industry?
Firstly, it’s a great place to be…so make your own ‘good old days’.  Build relationships based on integrity and you won’t go far wrong.

11. What would you say to your 25 year old self?
You’re a good looking bloke!

12. What was the best piece of advice that you were given?
Ask ‘Why’ five times and you’ll get close to the truth!

13. What famous quote inspires you?
“It never gets easier, you just get faster”, Greg LeMond.

14. If you were a product in a supermarket, which one would you be and why?
That’s easy…marmite!

Marmite Jar with Marmite dripping out of the jar
Marmite Jar


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