Stop and Think: Harnessing Cognitive Diversity in the Flow of Work

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What Is Stop and Think?

Stop & Think is a new Whole Brain® Thinking application that provides individuals and teams with HBDI® profiles in the Microsoft Teams app. The new Stop & Think application includes individual and team-based guidance on communication, decision-making, and problem-solving customised to the individual’s and/or team’s profile.

Furthermore, within the application, you can access custom guidance based on your and your team’s profiles which will improve team effectiveness.

How Can I Gain Access?

Simply, you can register your interest by completing this form. Now once the Stop & Think application is successfully installed within the Microsoft Teams app store you and your team will be able to add the Stop & Think app to any channel or chat of your preference.

Who Is the Application Beneficial For?

Basically, Stop & Think is a perfect application for organisations:

  • Supporting managers and leaders in developing dynamic, high-functioning teams that are already using Microsoft Teams.
  • Organisations that are already using the HBDI® and have the sharing and teams feature enabled on the Herrmann platform.
  • Interested in developing a deeper understanding of cognitive diversity.
  • And lastly, organisations seeking effective and efficient solutions to specific team-based challenges.

Why Is the Application Beneficial?

You will agree, that communication plays a key role in the success of how a team performs and operates. Thus, for a team to be successful, they must understand each other’s thinking preferences as well as their own.

Simply put, being mindful of where a team’s strengths and weaknesses are will help shift the team’s focus and figure out how to strike a balance that is best for the group.

Now here are a few uses of Stop & Think:

  • Exploring the implications of the individual profile and the team’s profiles as you work together to achieve your objectives.
  • Understanding how individual thinking preferences impact team dynamics and performance.
  • Applying the Whole Brain® Thinking Model using Herrmann’s digital suite of tools to real team challenges around communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Watch This 2-minute Video to Find Out More

Links to Youtube video on Stop and Think
Stop and Think explained by Herrmann


How Can Stop & Think Help You and Your Team?

  1. Firstly, individuals and teams can get strategies for collaborating, problem-solving, and decision-making – customised to their individual and team thinking preferences.
Team Profile graphic with HBDI circle and cartoon team
Reap the benefits as a team


2. Furthermore, individuals can view their profile summary with an easy link to the Herrmann platform to view and edit their full profile.

Anna Littical - S&T Demo of Stop & Think profile
Now how about a profile just for you?


3. Also, teams can view a team profile and preference code that aggregates teammates’ individual HBDI® results and under-pressure profiles.

Team Under Pressure Demo with HBDI circle and cartoon team
Get pressure data on your team


4. Lastly, individuals can compare their profile using Stop & Think to a teammate’s profile side-by-side to learn how to work more effectively together.

Getting Unstuck Demo graphic with cartoon team brainstorming and HBDI profile circles
Get unstuck for better teamwork


What Are the Next Steps?

So you’re interested in learning more, are you? Then contact us to find out how you and your team can benefit from Stop & Think.

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