We are proud to have created products that we know suppliers to the big four supermarkets want and that they are able to share with us the differences that we helped them to make. Here are Testimonials from our clients (We use their real names and titles so that you know that they are ‘real’ people):

“I have been working with MBM for over a decade. During that time they have worked together with me and my Sales and Marketing team on both category projects and people development. I have come to trust that when they say they will do something they will, they bring me solutions, and not problems, and can be relied upon to do a great job. My recommendation is MBM because as well as looking after the development of my team very well for many years, they have also helped us solve many category challenges”.
Andy Jenkins, Sales and Marketing Controller, Cranswick Convenience Foods plc

“We brought-in MBM to help us win more business. Over the 6 months we worked with MBM we found them to bring new insight to our category, fundamentally change our approach to dealing with UK supermarkets and they surprised me in how much value they could add. Sadly, we did not win the business. Though, what did happen, was what MBM did bring to us – They had enabled us to not only win back our business a year later, but to also go on to win a lot more business. I would highly recommend using them if you are open to approaching UK supermarkets differently and want more business”.
David Flynn, MD, Fyffes UK

Mubeen Malik, Management Accountant for Samworth Brothers talks about Leadership training

“I learnt a huge amount during my Time Management training course. Practical, fun, very, very useful and lots to take away and use straight away”.
Nigel Whittaker, Commercial Director, Greencore

“This series of guides sets out to provide solutions to three extremely common issues faced by the vast majority of organisations irrespective of their size, location or nature of their enterprise. The issues roll up into a single challenge. How can we make sure that the time, effort and resource invested in training reap rewards? This challenge has been a thorn in the side of training and development professionals and their stakeholders for a very long time. Mary Broad and John Newstrom’s work in the 1980s and Broad’s book, ‘The Transfer of Training’, spelt the answer out clearly.

For training to be effective, it needs not only to be designed well, but also needs support from managers back in the workplace. Darren Smith has provided 16 straightforward solutions that address these issues, from practical advice on distilling learning and converting it into behaviour change (‘real’ learning) and mindset change, to effective engagement. Covering approaches from mind mapping and ‘trigger’ habit development, Smith offers practical actions to extend the impact of training beyond the classroom and back into the workplace.

The profession will welcome these guides and the help they offer”.
Charles Jennings, Founder of the 70:20:10 Learning Model, talks about the Free Guides

“Undoubtedly the most useful, engaging and insightful Course I’ve been on. Excellent Course pitched at an excellent level and I cant wait to apply the new material” [Leadership training].

Sue Mawe, Logistics Manager, AMT Fruit

“MBM took us on an eye-opening journey with the Must Win Meetings masterclass. The team was highly engaged, and I think the value lies in the breadth of material covered. While all of the course was informative and insightful, what I observed was each member of the team encouraged to hone in on just one or two techniques that most resonated with them, and to explore that in more depth. I think this is a great approach to learning, as it makes the course more personalised. Many thanks MBM, we look forward to working with you more in the future”.
Guy Wootton, Director of Category & Insight, Moy Park

Angela Wright, Learning and Development Manager, Greencore, talks about Learning To Learn

“I have worked with DAS and his team for the last 6 years within different companies and have found them to really understand the challenges and barriers which FMCG companies come up against with retailers. The courses are well structured and all about results delivery and how to maximise them. The courses take you out of your comfort zone and slowly put you back in, making the journey tough but worthwhile, especially when you get that lightbulb moment and the negotiation examples work in practice”.
Kim Matthews, Commercial Director, O’Brien Fine Foods

“MBM trained my team in Negotiation Skills and Time Management. They worked with my team over a number of sessions both classroom and 121, to help them improve their abilities to negotiate and manage their team better. I would recommend MBM to any supplier that is has a need to negotiate more effectively and focus on getting more of what is essential,
John O’Brien, MD of O’Brien Fine Foods

“Ensuring newly created teams hit the ground running is not easy alongside the day job and that’s why we engaged MBM.  We needed the individuals within our new team to gel fast and work together from the start, and we then we needed this new team to collaborate openly and effectively internally cross function. MBM provided the framework and support that met our needs and exceeded expectations…MBM took a relevant no-nonsense approach that was quick to realise and at an appropriate cost.”
Simon Spence, Sales Director, Westbridge Foods

“MBM quite simply gave me the tools to do the job in a far more advanced and professional way. From delivering professional coaching to effective category management practices, these learnings have allowed me and my team to undertake these skills very effectively with our key retail customers. Thanks to the whole MBM team for their continued support of our business.”
Graham Issac, Head of Retail, Greencell

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with MBM over a number of years on both category and people projects. Das and his team have added immense value to the process, and to my own personal development, on every occasion, and I cannot recommend them highly enough”.
Alan Chapman, Acting Managing Director, Walkers Sausage Co.

Laura Hickie, Insights Manager, O’Brien Fine Foods, talks about her Time Management training

Darren successfully delivered a bespoke team away day that matched the objectives I set him. He quickly harmonised the different levels of enthusiasm and personality of my team to ensure a positive dynamic and cohesive bond throughout the day. He was able to get the complete commitment and honesty from the team because he was able to project the fact he was actually ‘one of us’.
Passions were soon ignited and the team quickly realised their individual contribution was vital to shaping future strategic direction of the business unit. The content of the day was very relevant to our actual business environment and most importantly was fun. This created a platform post the course to focus on continued personal development objectives and the greater contribution of individuals towards the business unit’s strategic output.”
Clive Huntley, Business Unit Director, AG Thames

“MBM really helped us to pinpoint the areas of category understanding that offered us the greatest opportunities and then transformed how we talk about Category across our business. They are challenging and will ask difficult questions to get the best out of your team and the knowledge within. More importantly the flexibility of their approach means the project is tailored precisely to your objectives and MBM will keep you on track throughout. Most importantly their retail experience helped us distil a complicated and broad project into simple, meaningful and actionable pieces which buyers understood and welcomed. Project Clear was hard work, great fun and genuinely business transformational”.
Tony Walsh, Category Controller, Florette

“MBM organised our annual team away day and delivered a first class event. Building the schedule around  resolving business challenges and conflicts, the content was well-managed and supported by Darren’s insight into high performing teams in customer facing environments. We were impressed with every aspect of the training and would not hesitate to recommend MBM.”
Jon Barfoot, Commercial Director, Barfoots of Botley

“We asked MBM to lead an away day for our leadership teams and they delivered exactly what we needed. Tailoring the session to meet our needs (and adapting it as he went along to ensure they stayed engaged). Andy led a highly entertaining and interactive afternoon based around their HBDI ® assessments with a group of GPs,  Senior Nurses, Mangers and the Executive Team and six weeks on people are still talking about what colour they are and what that means for how they work together. A hugely successful event and I’d highly recommend them if you want to shift the thinking with your teams.”
Jo Betterton, Associate Director for Organisational Development, The Hurley Group

“The People Management sessions was very constructive and lifting in a way. All days had been delivered by Andy and Sue, both very knowable and fact full. For us it worked better off site then at Freshtime. You both put everyone at ease with you style of delivery. I felt you both complement each other.”
Janet Parsons, Process Technologist, Freshtime

Patrick Crease, NPD Manager, Cranswick, talks about his Executive Coaching

“I have attended 3 courses with MBM over the last 18 months; Time Management, Category Management & Influencing with Impact and have completed each course with clear direction & effective improvements to my working life. Attending all three courses has opened my eyes to the potential EVERY employee has if they follow the process & practices MBM teach you in each course.

Time Management is a perfect starting point and this course gives you a clear structure on how you should plan your day-to-day ‘To Do’ list, ensuring you manage the most important tasks with focus. After completing the course I have gained knowledge on how to manage big & small tasks and always work to a structured approach ensuring that workload is always ‘stress free!’….what’s more beneficial than that!

Category Management has allowed me to reaffirm some of the theoretical models learnt back in my University days, however with MBM’s approach to understanding my individual learning objectives for each course they were able to tailor this theory to my day-to-day role so that it was relevant and thus easier to understand and apply. In addition to this I learnt some new analysis models with regards to Opportunity Analysis; such as Ranging, Loyalty & Propensity, all giving me a deeper understanding into potential growth opportunities.

Influencing with Impact has helped me to understand how my body language and mannerisms communicate subconscious messages to my audience, what I needed to control and the simple ways to be more influential.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course and came out with various approaches to improving my deliverance and influencing impact, which I put into practice immediately.

All of these courses have improved my day-to-day working, furthered my Category Management abilities and helped me to deliver proposals with confidence & impact. Darren, Andy, Sally…Thank you for your guidance & support before, during & after these courses, I hope our paths cross again in the future.”
Andrew Hollingworth, Customer Marketing Manager, Continental Fine Foods

Carol Ford, Apple and Pear Polisher, AC Goatham & Son, talks about the GSCOP Masterclass

The Time Management training course gave practical methods of managing my time, it opened my eyes to areas which I thought I was good at i.e. multi tasking but actually needed to stop and be specific and focus.  This has helped enormously in my work and whilst I naturally move toward multi tasking I can now recognise it and focus myself on 1 area at a time using such methods as eat the frog, breaking down a wooly mammoth and also question the work I do in relation to why I’m employed by the company which was one of the biggest learnings I took away. It’s a very interactive course which helps drive home the methods, the keeper sheets are good memory joggers which I still use. The advanced course was helpful in that it  refreshed what I had taken and was using from the initial course, whilst going into more depth in very specific areas for the group I was with, which was extremely helpful and it was actually fun”.
Michelle O’Mahony, Launch Co-Ordinator, Greencore, Hull

Matthew Churchill, Account Manager at Greencell, talks about Executive Coaching:

Rob Fox, Account Manager at MMUK, talks about Time Management training:

“After a short phone conversation, we received the ‘Are You Struggling To Demonstrate The Return On Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?’ free guide. This guide gave a clear, accurate and most importantly practical way learning and development specialists can measure their impact to the business, which is arguably now more important than ever before.”

Danny Benton, Learning & Development Manager, for Western & Northern Europe and Asia Pacific, RES

“This training programme has provided the team with a skillset which is multi transferrable for professional and personal life. The toolkit which we now possess gives us an insight into how best to approach individuals and situations and guides us to be the best version of ourselves possible”.

Donna Harris, Category Manager, Hilton Foods Ireland

Darren was recommended to me by a former colleague who had used Making Business Matter specifically to delivery GSCOP training and I wasn’t disappointed. From the moment that we engaged I was filled with the confidence that Darren would deliver, and deliver well as he certainly knows his chosen subject matter. Combined with a credible and proven retail background Darren was both personable and experienced and delivered eloquently, informatively and in a friendly style that worked well with my team particularly as our session included colleague’s from both commercial and cross functional disciplines. GSCOP is such an important subject and we clearly had knowledge gaps prior to our training session but I can comfortably say that now the whole team are more informed, more aware and have a much clearer understanding of the code. Thank you”.

Testimonial from Eamonn Kavanagh, Head of Retail at JF Renshaw

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