MBM is LPI Accredited

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MBM is Proud to be LPI Accredited

The LPI is a globally-recognised body that ensures providers for learning products, technologies, facilities, and services reach and maintain global standards.

The LPI recognises Making Business Matter as an accredited learning provider that specialises in soft skills training. MBM also utilises the company’s unique Sticky Learning ® method.

What Does This Mean for Learners?

This means that our clients and learners are always provided with tutors and learning materials that are continuously reviewed and passes global standards for learning.

In addition, they are with a company with access to third-party consultants and mystery shoppers who continue to asses our services. As a result, MBM continues to work hard to keep and maintain this accreditation.

Benefits of Getting an LPI Accreditation

  • Since 1995, LPI has become the leading authority on workplace learning, making their seal of approval an important benchmark for learning providers.
  • Learning programs and trainers go through continuous assessment.
    This ensures all modules and methods go through reviews to see if they are still relevant and effective.
  • The LPI identifies effective learning programmes. This gives accredited providers new techniques and methodologies for L&D.
  •  To maintain the accreditation status, a learning provider must continue growing and improving on current procedures in place.
    Therefore, our learners will always receive up-to-date courses.
  • Learning Providers are to ensure a KPI score of 75% or greater across all sections. Moreover, anything that falls under the passing mark undergoes review and are given suggestions for improvement.
  • An accreditation consultant provides guidance to learning provides. They also help identify areas of improvement and changes necessary to move forward.

About LPI

In 1995, LPI begins as The Institute of IT Training. Shortly after, the company develops its first accreditation program that recognises organisations that meet the Institute Standard. This standard measures the delivery of training and learning services.

In 2001, expansion outside of the UK begins. After that, the LPI launches the Learning Directors Network (2006). In the following years the  Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (2007), and Certified Online Learning Facilitator (2010).

In 2017, LPI introduces the Learning Programmes of Excellence. This recognises world-leading talents development programmes that “empower existing employees and attract new talent”.