7 Best Practices of Working from Home: MINDSET

Are you Struggling to Be Productive Because You are Working from Home?

Watch our videos to understand the 7 best practices from the M.I.N.D.S.E.T model for working from home; happily and productively.

Each video contains tips to help you use your time working from home to become the very best version of yourself.

7 Best Practices of Working from Home

Want to know how you can M-anage yourself more effectively and therefore have better time management?

A M-anage graphic with a lightbulb and cogs cartoon
M stands for Manage, time management is key to productivity

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Learn different strategies on how you can prevent I-solation causing Cabin Fever.

I-solation graphic, with a stop sign cartoon
I for Isolation, don’t isolate yourself from others

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Dress for success by implementing N-eat and therefore ensuring you can differentiate between business and personal.

N-eat graphic, with folded clothes cartoon
N is for neat, dressing for home working will help put you in the working mindset

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Get the secret to having a laser-like focus on your productivity by ensuring the key elements of D-eliverables.

D is for Deliverables
Focus is the key

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Find out what S-pace you need to help you work from home successfully and most importantly how incorrect space can affect your productivity.

S-pace, with a house cartoon
S is for Space, having the correct work at home space will help with your mental state.

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Help your employees and yourself with E-motions, because by applying two simple methods to find out how people feel, happy employees are productive employees.

E-motions graphic, with happy, sad and angry cartoon faces
E is for Emotions, sharing how we feel is imperative as working remotely can be isolating

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

See what T-echnology you need to work and how to make it work, therefore increasing productivity.

T-echonology graphic, with phone, TV and computer cartoons
T is for Technology, which is key to communication and productivity when working remotely

A screenshot of a video showing Sticky Learning Lunches

Thank You for Watching

We hope the webinars on the 7 Working from Home Best Practices of the MINDSET Model have been helpful.
We offer Sticky Learning ® Lunches every day at 1 pm. Designed to help you to be the best version of you whilst you are working from home.

If you enjoy our Sticky Learning ® Lunches and would like to benefit from 121 coaching.
If you are unable to attend our virtual classrooms, we upload all videos to our YouTube Channel. You can access our channel and watch working from home videos.

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