The 7 Best Practices for Working from Home

Are you Struggling to Be Productive Because You are Working from Home?

Watch our videos to understand the 7 best practices from the M.I.N.D.S.E.T model for working from home; happily and productively.

Each video contains tips to help you use your time working from home to become the very best version of yourself.

7 Best Practices of Working from Home

Want to know how you can M-anage yourself more effectively and therefore have better time management?

M stands for Manage, 7 Best Practices of Working from Home

Manage Yourself

Learn different strategies on how you can prevent I-solation causing Cabin Fever.

I for Isolation, 7 Best Practices of Working from Home

Don’t isolate yourself

Dress for success by implementing N-eat and therefore ensuring you can differentiate between business and personal.

N is for Neat, 7 Best Practices of Working from Home

Dress for home working

Get the secret to having a laser-like focus on your productivity by ensuring the key elements of D-eliverables.

D is for Deliverables

Focus is the key

Find out what S-pace you need to help you work from home successfully and most importantly how incorrect space can affect your productivity.

S is for space checklist for your work at home space to help with your mental state.

This is a checklist for your work at home space

Help your employees and yourself with E-motions, because by applying two simple methods to find out how people feel, happy employees are productive employees.

E is for emotions

Sharing how we feel is imperative

See what T-echnology you need to work and how to make it work, therefore increasing productivity.

T is for technology

Broadband and mobile

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