E9 – Procrastinating, Frozen Peas, and the Snowball

E9 – Procrastinating, Frozen Peas, and the Snowball

Do you have a looming deadline that still seems a long way off?  Do you occupy yourself with ‘clearing the decks’, convincing yourself that you’re being productive anyway? After all, you still have plenty of time… Yet you still feel the stress of it weighing on you. Do your health a favour, do your best work and stop procrastinating!

Stop procrastinating: Snowball being thrown

Perhaps you tell yourself that the looming deadline isn’t urgent or important enough to make a start. You simply put it off.

In fact, you know that you have too much time. If you got a jump on the deadline and made an early start on that presentation you will undoubtedly tinker with it until the last minute, wasting more time!  Listen to our podcast to learn some useful tips to help you stop procrastinating and start learning to trust yourself.

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