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Time Management Courses

These 14 time management templates will help you to get more organised.

Time management is fast becoming the skill that enables any and everything else. Without managing your time effectively nothing seems within our grasp.

We have been training Sales Directors, Category Managers, NPD Managers, Supply Chain Managers, and Account Managers, etc., in time management for the past 14 years. We understand the challenges of the fmcg industry.

Recently a Learner on our time management training course asked if we had any templates they could use. We did not. Until now. They wanted the templates because they understood the importance of having a time management system. And they understand the importance of building their own time management system. They just wanted a leg-up to start. These templates helped them greatly.

If you would like a copy of the 14 Time Management templates as a word (.doc) file because you would like to complete the templates on your screen please contact us.

14 Time Management Template

Explaining Each of the 14 Time Management Templates

#1 Time Management Templates – KRA’s

Key Results Areas or KRA’s are at the heart of any effective time management system. Identifying your KRA’s is essential to reach beyond 60% effectiveness with your time management system. You can read more about KPI’s and KRA’s.

#2 Time Management Templates – Daily To Do List

A daily to do list is the foundation of any time management system. This is because without a plan for the day others will have one for you! Or you’ll spend most of the day glued to your email inbox. Create one of these for each day of the week.

#3 Time Management Templates – Projects List

Most people do not have a projects list. A projects list enables you to keep focussed on the most important tasks. Those tasks that will make the biggest difference to your KRA’s, and in turn to the KPI’s. The next step on each item on your projects list makes its way onto your daily to do list, which is where action happens.

#4 Time Management Templates – Meeting Actions

Meetings are considered to be a necessary evil. Back-to-back meetings can be the norm. Thought to be where ‘minutes are kept and hours are lost’. Though one of the keys to effective meetings is that the actions are captured properly.

#5 Time Management Templates – Waiting For List

A waiting for list is for those tasks that you delegate and want to keep track of. Delegating can be upwards, downwards and to the side. This list enables you to delegate and have a system that reminds you that you did and when the task is due back.

#6 Time Management Templates – Distraction List

Most people struggle to stay focussed. Either because they keep getting interrupted or because they are procrastinating. A distraction list gives you a tool to write down stuff when your mind wanders so that you can get back to what you were doing quickly.

#7 Time Management Templates – Weekly Goals

Sportspeople will tell you that without goals they struggle to improve. They need goals to beat, lose against, and then strive harder. Time management is no different. Incorporating goals into your time management system is simple and easy to do.

#8 Time Management Templates – Weekly Evaluation

Once you have set your goals you need to evaluate them. Just like a sports person would. The Weekly Evaluation template helps you review your goals to understand whether you achieve them or not, and what action you can take to improve.

#9 Time Management Templates – Monthly Goals

Similar to the ‘Weekly Goals’ template this is about setting goals on a monthly basis.

#10 Time Management Templates – Monthly Evaluation

Similar to the ‘Weekly Evaluation’ this template evaluates the monthly goals that have been set.

#11 Time Management Templates – Annual Goals

Similar to the Weekly and Monthly Evaluations this template is to set Annual Goals.

#12 Time Management Templates – Annual Evaluation

Similar to the Weekly and Monthly Evaluations this template will help you evaluate your Annual Goals.

#13 Time Management Templates – Some Day Maybe

A template specifically designed for getting those things out of your head that just need to go somewhere. Yet they are tasks that are neither urgent or important. This completed template gets emptied every month.

#14 Time Management Templates – Project Template

Managing projects is an important part of any knowledge worker’s job. This project template helps because it is a one page, simple, and practical means of preparing a project.

These 14 time management templates will help you to get more organised. Time management is fast becoming the skill that enables any and everything else. Without managing your time effectively…

Darren A. Smith

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Darren has been working in the world of UK Supermarkets & Suppliers for over 20 years. He began his career as a buyer at one of the big 4 UK supermarkets and after 13 years he decided to leave to et-up Making Business Matter. This was because he wanted to help suppliers and supermarkets to work better together through improved soft skills.

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