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We are the training provider to the UK grocery industry. We help suppliers to UK supermarkets to develop the soft skills that will secure them more profitable wins.

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“MBM understood our challenges because they are accredited professionals from our industry.”

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Extra Sticky

‘Extra sticky’ are extensions to your normal course programme. They help you to get the absolute best out of the grocery training that we provide. During an Annual Refresh, we will review your progress, give you a refresher on what you’ve learned, and provide you with a bunch of new tools to support your learning. Individual coaching allows us to train you on a 1-1 basis (rather than 1-12, like in the normal course environment), which means your tutor will be solely focused on helping you.

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Our Masterclasses have been designed to solve a specific problem facing suppliers to the big four UK supermarkets. Each grocery training Masterclass is a 1/2 day for up to 12 people for £750+vat (£62.50 per person). There are 5 choose from:

GSCOP: Book Author Masterclass

According to the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s 2015 Annual Report, 76% of Suppliers do not understand the Code known as ‘GSCOP’. This means that whilst Supermarket Buyers have to be trained, by law, Suppliers are not. The Code was written to better protect Suppliers, yet few would know if a Supermarket Buyer was breaking the rules.

In this supplier training Masterclass, you will achieve a greater understanding of GSCOP and how it affects you, as well as receiving a copy of the book ‘A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice- GSCOP ‘.
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Category Management Training Masterclass

Many suppliers are frustrated by the ‘Powerpoint treadmill’ and the lack of actionable category insights, leading to no growth or poor category growth. This Masterclass is intended for those suppliers who want to identify actionable insights which will lead to real category growth.
In this supplier training Masterclass, you will learn how to do the following, among other things:

  • Identify more sales opportunities in category data.
  • Present an opportunity more effectively to the supermarket.
  • See the importance of shopper segmentation and the sales opportunities within.
  • Know how to identify, create and use shopper profiles.

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Must Win Meetings Masterclass

This Masterclass is for teams who know that there are some meetings with the supermarkets that you absolutely have to win because losing would be catastrophic to the business. We will teach you how to win those meetings.
Four benefits you’ll gain from this essential grocery training Masterclass:

  • Know what your audience is thinking before the meeting.
  • Identify your end in mind and why it is important.
  • Use the most effective presentation tools to achieve your end in mind.
  • Recognise why your must win meetings work and do not work.

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Negotiating with Buyers Masterclass

Buyers are highly trained negotiators, negotiating every single day supported by a big and powerful company. To achieve profitable wins you need your team to be the best that they can be. That’s why we created this grocery training Masterclass, which will help you negotiate more profitable wins with your supermarket buyers.
Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain from this supplier training Masterclass:

  • Influence more effectively during negotiations.
  • Make more effective proposals when negotiating.
  • Improve your confidence when negotiating.
  • Understand the other party’s needs better in negotiations.

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Supplier Time Management Masterclass

Many people are being held to ransom by their inbox, working long hours and struggling to achieve their KPI’s. Our Masterclass will enable your teams to increase their productivity and effectiveness, and be better able to achieve their KPI’s, whilst delivering the needs of their supermarket buyers.
How this supplier training Masterclass can help you:

  • Say yes more wisely, and no more often.
  • Conduct more effective meetings.
  • Delegate with more confidence that the task will get done.
  • Recognise your broad strengths and weaknesses in time management.

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