Month: November 2016

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People in a crowd at a lecture

Our Recommendations For 14 Empowering Learning Guides

Learning Guides’ Function Even with a clear vision, training your team without research-backed learning guides might not yield results. What’s…
Learning Awards

Boost Your Brand with Training and Learning Awards

Why do training and learning awards matter? Indeed, research has shown that corporate award winners experience a more than 37% growth in…
People in a crowd at a lecture

15 Must Attend L&D Training Conferences in 2017

Why Attend a Training Conference? As a learning and development professional, you need to be up to date with trends,…
Dart board with Goal Setting written above

How to Create SMART Objectives For Yourself and For Your Team

How to Create SMART Objectives SMART objectives are useful in project management, employee performance management, and personal development, among other things. SMART…
Two shop assistants checking stock

How to Make Your Store Visits Useful & More Effective

This article will help you to know How to Make Store Visits Useful: Since time and memorial Account Managers and…