In Learning To Learn and on training courses with us, you’ll have picked-up about being a ‘Learning Buddy’. This is the person that will help you to be the best that you can be by helping you to take as much as you can from the training course and put it into action.

If you want to be a great Learning Buddy for the person you sat next to on the training course, here are ‘7 Ways to be a Great Learning Buddy’:

  1. Text them and see how they are getting on. They’ll care that you care.
  2. If you find something that you are interested in regarding this skill, send it to them, e.g. A post on-line, or a piece of research, or a book.
  3. Challenge them. We are not always comfortable with challenge. That said, in the right way, it is very effective.
  4. Share a top tip for how you managed to get better at this skill. A simple email in the subject heading is all it takes.
  5. Communicate in their language. If they are a blue, facts will be more their language.
  6. Stick to the meetings that you booked together on the training course because yes, it is easy to cancel or postpone, but we all know that the easy route is not always the best.
  7. Have the agenda for the booked meeting with your Learning Buddy to hand. The suggested agenda is:

Learning Buddy Meeting AgendaContact Us

We wish you great success and look forward to working with you further. If you have any questions, or feedback, please contact us.