Are You a Great Influencer?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you know and use a variety of influencing styles when you wish to influence someone?

By not having or using a variety of influencing techniques you will limit your influencing ability and probably bceome very frustrated with yourself and the other person.

#2. Do you know when to choose another influencing style in a situation that you wish to influence?

By not knowing when to choose an alternative influencing style you will be limited in your ability to influence because you are probably not understanding the other person well enough.

#3. Do you positively and assertively influence someone that you wish to influence? Without being passive aggressive or by not matching your tone to your words.

By being passive-aggressive or not matching your tones, words, and body language, people will be less trusting of you and therefore your influence will be little.

#4. Do you influence the majority positively and are not seen to be self orientated in your words and actions?

By not positively influencing the majority and being seen to be too self-orientated people will trust you less and you will, therefore, struggle to influence them.

#5. Do you know how to understand the other person's perspective? For example, using active listening or tree-topping.

By not knowing how ‘to get at’ and to truly understand the other person’s point of view, you will struggle to influence them to empathise with your perspective.

#6. Do you know how to provide clarity in ambiguous situations? For example, most people simply repeat what they have said!

By simply repeating what you have already explained, when someone else does not understand, you will not influence them, but frustrate them.

#7. Do you positively influence a large network of people?

By not influencing a lot of people you will not gain support for when you do need to influence individuals, because your reputation will have a limited reach.