Are You a Great Communicator

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you understand the needs of others by using exploring questions?

By not exploring the needs of others you will do what so many do. That is to repeat your perspective, your need, and your agenda, without seeking to understand theirs.

#2. Do you have a variety to techniques to ensure that you clearly communicate your message?

By not having a variety of communicating techniques, you are likely to default to one or two, which will limit your ability to get your message across.

#3. Do you adapt your communication style to different people by using a trusted model?

By not using a trusted mode, e.g. HBDI, you will not be able to adapt your communication style so that the person understands you better.

#4. Do you use a range of communication methods, appropriate to the audience?

By not using a range of communication methods, you will depend upon one method to communicate, e.g. emails, which will limit your ability to get your message across?

#5. Do you have an influential network of people that can help you to communicate your message more effectively?

By not having an influential network of people to help support and improve the reach of your message, you will limit its impact. For example, if you have not built your Linkedin network, when you might need it, let’s say for an unfortunate redundancy, it will not be there to help you.

#6. Do you have a continued understanding of your personal impact through regular feedback?

By not asking for regular feedback on your personal impact you will not know how well your messages are being received. For example, your constant asking, ‘Does that make sense? might be limiting your power.

#7. Do you have a way of dealing with your conflict communication co-operatively and assertively?

By not having a means to deal with conflict beyond fight or flight communication, you will likely escalate the conflict and lose the message you are trying to communicate.