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People want to learn how to be more efficient and more effective with their time but they don’t have the time to!

Of course, this is ironic. A little like wanting to be better cooks. We buy the cooking books, download the recipes, watch the chefs on TV, but when it comes to it, after a long day, we choose to heat something up, rather than cook from scratch. The only difference is that whilst home cooked food is lovely, effective time management opens so many more doors.

The key to improving your time management is about making that critical choice early. This is the key decision. Not what do we want to change in our time management system, but how much we are prepared to go out of our own way, change, unlearn some stuff, and learn some new stuff- take our e-assessment form to find out more. Each one of the 4 Learners below made their decision. In my experience people become one of 4 learners when they learn time management. Their choice is based on a subconscious decision they made a long time before they started the training course.

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Learner A: ‘I’m just too busy for all of this’ – Those that Believe that They Don’t Have the Time Many people fall into this category. In essence, they want empathy for how busy they are. They want us to know how busy they are. How important they are. The shame is that trainers can empathise and understand, but then all the trainer’s time has been spent doing that and not helping the learner with their time management.

Cartoon stopwatch with face, arms and legs

Learner B: ‘I’m doing most of this anyway’ – Those That are Already Doing All of That Some people attend training just to want affirmation that they are doing it already. And some are, most aren’t. They hear what they want to hear because to hear anything else means that they need to change. And change hurts, takes time and is distracting from what they really want to do, which is to get back to their desk and just work – Get their nose back to the grindstone.

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Learner C: ‘I can do all of this, I know I can’ – Those That Want to Grab it All Now There are those people that despite the friendly words of caution about not trying to grab all of the time management tips, tricks, fundamental changes, and learnings, they do exactly that. In their minds they are saying to themselves, ‘Mere mortals can’t do all of this, but I can’. Sadly, they revert back to their old time management system some weeks later because the new one was too unwieldy to keep it up.

Cartoon stopwatch with face, arms and legs

Learner D: ‘I can do this; Slowly and Steady’ – Those That Build Their Own System This group has got it licked. They understand that their time management system is the right system. The foundation to build on. These people add/ delete/improve one piece at a time. Like the hare and the tortoise. They have recognised that time management is the one skill that unlocks everything else and they are going to take their time to get it right. ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’. Like the tortoise.

To find out more take the 7 Week Time Management Challenge HERE.