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Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market

Find out about this Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market training course:

Many suppliers from outside of the UK have aspirations to supply UK supermarkets. Their challenge is that they do not understand the UK Grocery Market or the UK Supermarkets.

This Understanding UK Supermarkets Skills Training Course of 1+1+1 classroom days, 4 months apart, with support in between training days, is designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method ‘Sticky Learning ®‘.

By understanding the UK Grocery Market and the UK Supermarkets you will know how to contact the buyer and present your products confidently.

MBM’s 1/2 day Training Brochure for 12 People

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market training course the Learner will be able to:

Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market Course Topics

These 2+1 days, 6 months apart, will greatly help the Learner to understand how to contact the buyer, and present their products confidently.

  • Overview of the major UK supermarkets.
  • Understanding each major UK supermarket.
  • Expectations of a major UK supermarket on their suppliers.
  • A typical relationship with a supplier.
  • The challenges from the UK supermarkets.
  • Case studies of suppliers to learn from.
  • Q&A with an ex-UK supermarket buyer/manager of 12 years.
  • Getting the attention of a UK supermarket buyer.
  • Identifying your unique selling point.
  • How to present to a UK supermarket buyer.
  • Being aware of GSCOP.
  • Influencing a UK supermarket buyer.
  • Negotiating with a UK supermarket buyer.
  • Building your next steps to being listed.

Ideal Learners

Suppliers based outside of the UK that wish to supply the UK supermarkets. Particularly owners, Sales Directors, Category Managers, Account Managers, and Marketing Managers.

Making the Learning Stick for Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market

Hopefully the term ‘Sticky Learning ®’ has intrigued you, whilst you probably guessed a sense of what it is about.

In short Sticky Learning ® is our own unique method that we have developed to help Learners Realise more of what they have learnt, be able to Recall more of what they have learnt, and Retain more of what they have learnt. In 2016 we further upgraded this unique training method to include habits formation as a big part of helping Learners to use more of what they have learnt.

This is good for our clients because it means that the money they spend with us is better invested than with other training providers because the learning is used for longer.

Training Course Duration

At this time, MBM no longer offers 1 day courses due to their limited effect.

Our Sticky Learning ® unique training method enables Learners to learn more, learn more quickly, and as a result, learn more easily. Sticky Learning ® is a key part of the 4 month training course consisting of pre-work, Learning To Learn 1/2 day training course, a Foundation day training course, an embedding day, and an Advanced 1 day training course (6 months after the Foundation training course).

In between the Foundation training course and the Advanced training course, the Learner will be challenged to complete ‘Sticky Pieces’, which appeals to the 70:20:10 learning model. These are desk based activities that help the Learner to change their behaviour long term by identifying a habit that they wish to adopt to subsequently embed the new skill.

The Learner is also given:

Your Facilitators Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market

In this case, your facilitator will be either Andy Palmer or Darren A. Smith. They have careers lasting between them of over 45 years.

Andy has spent almost equal time between a UK big four supermarket, a supplier to the UK big four supermarkets and his time with MBM.

Darren is in two halves; 12 years as a Category Manager at one of the big four UK supermarkets and then 12 years managing as the founder of Making Business Matter. It should be noted that hey both ensure a relaxed, experienced and fun training environment where teams are challenged & encouraged.

In addition, Darren is also the author of the GSCOP book.

People Per Event

There will be 8 to 12 Learners. In short this drives enough discussion between those attending to explore the skill well. Conversely, if there were more in attendance it wouldn’t be unlikely for one to get ‘lost’ in debate.

Costs for Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market

  • For 10 Learners the cost is £225 per Learner per day.
  • The total cost for up to 10 Learners for the training course of 3 days, including Sticky Pieces, and the 5 level evaluation ‘Chain of Evidence’, is £6,750, plus vat.
  • Either held on-site at the client’s premises, or at an off-site venue can be booked and charged back to the client.

Measuring Return on Investment

In this case there are many evaluation methods for training, each trying to find the holy grail of return on investment. Therefore, we particularly use Donald Kirkpatrick’s four-level training evaluation model. This is because it has clearly stood the test of time (since 1953).

Level 1: Reaction: How did the Learners react to the training?

Level 2: Learning: How much learning did the Learners get?

Level 3: Behaviour: How much have the Learners used the learning?

Level 4: Results: How much effect did the Learner’s learning have on performance?

Few training providers measure the return on investment beyond the level 1 reaction. We have added one further level:

Level 5: Sponsor: How much did we achieve the sponsor’s objectives?

Read more about our 5 level evaluation tool and see an example report – ‘Chain of Evidence’.