Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market

Many suppliers from outside of the UK have aspirations to supply UK supermarkets. Their challenge is that they do not understand the UK Grocery Market or the UK Supermarkets.

This Understanding UK Supermarkets Skills Training Course of 1+1+1 classroom days, 4 months apart, with support in between training days, is designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method ‘Sticky Learning ®‘.

By understanding the UK Grocery Market and the UK Supermarkets you will know how to contact the buyer and present your products confidently.

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Gain a better understanding of the UK supermarkets with our training course

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Understanding UK Supermarkets and the UK Grocery Market training course the Learner will be able to:

  • Speak knowledgeably and confidently about the UK Supermarkets.
  • Know how to approach a UK Supermarket Buyer.
  • Understand Category Management in the UK.
  • Be aware of ‘GSCOP’ – UK Supermarket and Supplier law, see our book.
  • Better negotiate and influence a Supermarket Buyer.

What is Category Management? Find out more here in our Ultimate Guide to Category Management.

Available for Virtual Delivery

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Learning for Today’s World:

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MBM training courses are also available for virtual delivery

“MBM understood our challenges because they know our industry.”

“Their chain of evidence meant I understood the ROI from training.”

“They made it stick for the long term.”

What Learners Say About Sales Skills Training

“I thought that this course [Sales Skills Training] wasn’t for me because I can do this stuff and it’s all a bit ‘fluffy’. I am so glad that I attended because I now know how much difference it can really make. This stuff is something I use at work and I can only say that it works very well”

Hopefully, the Term ‘Sticky Learning ®’ Has Intrigued You

Whilst You Probably Also Guessed a Sense of What It Is About. In short, Sticky Learning ® is our own unique learning method. A method that we have developed to help Learners Realise more of what they have learnt. To help them be able to Recall more of what they have learnt. And Retain more of what they have learnt. Furthermore, we continually upgrade this unique training method to include further elements such as habit formation. We feel this has become a big part of helping Learners to use more of what they have learnt for longer.

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