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Influencing Skills Tips
The word Yes made up on lots of No words in the letters

Influencing Techniques in the Workplace: Get a Yes in 4 Steps

Improve Your Workplace Influencing Techniques and Get a Yes in Just Four Steps Whether you are a leader who wants to…
Leadership Skills Tips
Businessman holding a newspaper with the headline The World is Changing

Transformational Leadership’s Importance as a Style

Transforming Business Transformational leadership is a necessary quality for every business. This leadership style produces leaders who are change agents.…
Great HR Management Tips
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How to Handle Employee Grievances at Work

Grievances at Work Your staff should handle all grievances at work carefully and quickly. By listening to your employees, you…
Great HR Management Tips
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Why Diversity in the Workplace is Important for Your Company

Diversity in the Workplace Has Become a Business Need for Companies in the Past Few Years What is workplace diversity?…
Great HR Management Tips

How to Implement a Successful Induction Process

Induct Employees to Reduce Turnover According to research the average cost of replacing an employee in the UK is £11,000.…
Leadership Skills Tips
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Why Your Company Needs a Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Is Important for Every Organisation There is saying which states, ‘A bad manager can take a good staff…
Leadership Skills Tips
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Change Management: Successful Organisational Implementation

How to Successfully Implement Change Management into Your Organisation Change happens because someone, or a group of people, want to…
Great HR Management Tips
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Develop a Competitive Employee Compensation Plan in 9 Steps

Employee Compensation A competitive compensation plan will attract, retain, and motivate employees. As an organisation grows larger, the needs of…
Great HR Management Tips
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Interview Tips to Make Your Recruitment Process More Effective

Interview Tips for Managers The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees can be as much as $240,000, according…

The Home of Sticky Learning ®

We are the soft skills training provider to leading UK Manufacturing and Retailing companies partnering with them to increase their sales and profits.

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The problem companies face is that they are investing money in training but are not seeing a measurable return on investment. Our 5-level evaluation provides a ‘Chain of Evidence‘ for each training course.

Our trainers have worked on both sides of the fence and understand the challenges of working in an environment that is constantly changing, has slim margins, and where people need to be their very best.

Our unique training method, Sticky Learning ®, ensures that your Learners are still using their new skill 5 months later and this is supported by our money-back guarantee.

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