WATCH Geoff Burch’s Cunning 4 Stage Sales Plan to Always Getting the Sales Outcome You Want

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Geoff Burch, 4 Stage Sales Plan

Geoff Burch Shares His 4 Stage Sales Plan

Watch Geoff Burch in 4 Videos that share his cunning 4 stage sales plan to always get the sale’s outcome that you want.

About the Amazing BBC Presenter and Best Selling Author Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch is one of the all-time original business gurus. Author of the iconic and highly regarded book on sales ‘Resistance is Useless‘ and five other best selling business titles, Geoff is also a regular business presenter on BBC television and radio. Geoff is the winner of the title Business Communicator of the Year, so you can be confident that you, your people, and your event, are in safe hands.

The Cunning 4 Stage Sales Plan; Goal, Learning, World and Improve

Part 1: Goal

Did I achieve my chosen goal for this visit? One of the main questions you need to ask yourself when working within sales. If you are going to try and get the outcome you want, always have a plan of action about what you want to achieve.

Part 2: Learning

What am I learning about this person, this Company, and this situation? Find out as much information as you can because the information is gold.

Part 3: World

Ask the person you are with what they know about their world in general and always take notes.

Part 4: Improve

Ever leave a meeting and think ‘I should have said that?’. The final question to ask yourself is, ‘How can I better my performance for next time?

Thank You For Watching

If you would like to read more from Geoff Burch, take a look at his recent guest post in our blog. Here he reflects on and discusses his Four Stage Sales Plan in further detail.

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