Follow the 7 Hurdles of Time Management & Improve Productivity

Follow This 7-Part Time Management Model

Watch our videos to understand the 7-Part Time Management Model. Discover how it can help you to find out what is wrong with your current approach to time management.

Each video contains tips to help you use your time working from home more effectively. They aim to help you become the very best version of yourself.

1. Capturing

Ensure that wherever and whenever you are, you have a place to enter, write stuff down, capture it.

2. Listing

A healthy list means having lists that you trust and keeping them ‘living & breathing’ by emptying the lists frequently so that your brain is relaxed when it places something on the list that it will be looked at again.

3. Emptying

Emptying is about assessing and emptying the capture points frequently. For example, your email inbox is a capture point.  Most people will try and access and empty their inbox on a daily basis.

4. Deleting

Help you understand that deleting things that don’t require your attention is key to productive time management. An example of this would be to delete all emails that you are copied into, especially when you have regular 121 calls with people who tend to brief emails over the call.

5. Storing

This is about keeping the right stuff in the right places and making it available at the right time so that when you come to use it, there are no obstacles to overcome.

6. Scheduling

Having a trusted diary where you can schedule is essential for having effective time management. An example is having an experienced PA that schedules enough to keep you on track, but not so much that it hampers you.


7. Acting

This is the most important aspect of the time management model. It is where you get things done. Here is where you need to complete tasks that you are paid to complete. If the task is below your pay rate then delegate, delete or automate.

Thank You for Watching

We hope the webinars on the 7-Part Time Management model have been helpful.

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