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Business woman sitting at interview in office

Job Interview Skills: Best Interview Practices for Job Seekers

Important Job Interview Skills Considerations Having trouble understanding how best to approach applying for a new position? Looking for job…
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How Companies Can Provide a Quality Induction for Employees

So, What is Staff Induction? You might also ask, what is new employee induction? Staff Induction is a detailed, tailored,…
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How to Manage Diversity Effectively in the Workplace

“Time’s Up” For the Business Boys’ Club How Britain’s businesses manage diversity involves everyone, and yet it’s not really a…
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How to Handle an Increase in Job Applications

Are You Drowning in a Sea of Job Applications? Reviewing job applications and hiring new staff can take a long…
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Job Search: Reflecting on a Frustrating and Exhausting Journey

Months of Rejection, Apathy and Abject Ageism: The Trials of Searching for a New Job Last year I found myself…
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Why Diversity in the Workplace is Important for Your Company

Diversity in the Workplace Has Become a Business Need for Companies in the Past Few Years What is workplace diversity?…
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Permanent Placement Fees: Money handed over

Recruitment Agency Fees II – Permanent Placement Fees

Recruiting for the Long Term… Permanent placement fees. Perm fees. Retainers. Exclusivity deals. Oh please stop talking so much jargon!…
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Staff Retention: 15 Tips to Retain Top Talent

Staff Retention is Difficult In the modern economy where job insecurity is a way of life, staff retention is a…
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Two people interviewing a candidate

Interview Tips to Make Your Recruitment Process More Effective

Interview Tips for Managers The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees can be as much as $240,000, according…
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Recruitment Agency Fees & Temporary Contracts

Recruitment Agency Fees We have all been in the situation where we have needed to use a recruitment agency. We…
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Creative Thinking Webpage Graphic Design Template

A Simple Succession Planning Template for HR Managers

Tick the ‘Succession Planning’ Box by and Complete this Simple Succession Planning Template. Most companies do not have a succession…