Influencing Styles Questionnaire: Which Style are You? And Can You Adapt?

Complete this Easy to Follow Influencing Styles Questionnaire to Find Out Your Influencing Style

For Yourself or For Another or Both

You can complete this influencing styles questionnaire to identify your influencing style, for yourself, or for others. Or you might want to complete it for yourself and then ask others to complete it about you. Then you can compare the two; how you see yourself, and how others see you. Interesting!

Overview Instructions for Completing the Influencing Styles Questionnaire

There are 4 steps to identifying your influencing style:

  • Step One – Statements: There are 72 statements for you to read. Yes, it’s a lot, but we want it to be accurate.
  • Step Two – Scoring: Reading each of the statements you score yourself from rarely to very frequently.
  • Step Three – Grid: Transfer your scores to identify your influencing style.
  • Step Four – Adapt: This page shows how you might use another style, other than your own.

Influencing Styles Questionnaire Detailed Instructions

Step One: Statements

Click the image below to print the PDF version of our 72 influencing styles statements. This will print as a portrait page. To fit all the statements on one page we had to make them quite small, so keep the window open on your computer and use CTRL and the ‘+ button to zoom in.

Influencing Styles list of 72 statements

Step Two: Scoring

Put the printed copy of the Step One Statements on the left-hand side of your desk. Then click on the image below and print the PDF of the Scoring Page. Put this on the right-hand side of your desk.

Influencing Styles Scoring Page

Read the first Statement from Step One, which is, ‘Makes high-quality suggestions and proposals’. Considering this statement, and if you are scoring for yourself, consider how often you do this. Choose from one of the 5 possible answers below:

  1. Rarely; hardly ever do this.
  2. Occasionally, but infrequently; that is less often than most other people you see in similar situations.
  3. An average amount; that is about as often as most other people you observe in similar situations.
  4. Fairly frequently; that is somewhat more often than most people you observe in similar situations.
  5. Very frequently; that is considerably more often than most people you observe in similar situations.

On the Scoring Page, now go to number ‘1.’ and write a number in that box, which can be either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Repeat this exercise for each of the remaining 71 Step One Statements.

Step Three: Grid

Discard the Step One Statements and place the Step 2 Scoring Page on the left-hand side of your desk. Print the PDF Step 3 Grid Page and place this on the right-hand side of your desk.

Influencing Styles Grid


Write your name, if the questionnaire is about you, in the first row under ‘Name’.

Then, transfer the ‘Row Totals’ from the Step Two Scoring Page to the Step 3 Grid Page. If you had written ‘6’ as the total of the row of statements 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, and 61, then write a ‘6’ in the box under ‘Proposing’.

Repeat this exercise until all the numbers in the column of ‘Row Totals’ on the Step 2 Scoring Page have been transferred to the Step 3 Grid Page.

The additional 6 rows on the Step 3 Grid page are for you to complete this exercise for other people. Or if you have asked other people to complete the influencing styles questionnaire for you, then you could add their names and their scores, comparing their view of you to your view of yo.

Step Four: Adapt

Using Step 3, add totals up under each of the 4 sections and the one with the most is your influencing style.

This step is to help you recognise your style. Plus, having identified your influencing style, this Adapting Page is to help you to influence using another style. For example, if you identified your influencing style as ‘Persuading’, then you could add to your ‘toolbox’ of influencing the ‘Bridging’ influencing style by reading the Step 4 Adapt Page and using that influencing style next time instead.

Just click on the image below to print the PDF version.

Influencing Styles Adapt Page

Parting Thoughts

We hope our influencing styles questionnaire has been useful in understanding which influencing style best suits you, and how best you can use this to further your influencing impact.

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