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Here is an overview of the basic measures used within Kantar market data. A list of this nature could be almost endless, however here are the most common and often most misunderstood measures used – ‘Kantar Consumer Panel Data Terms Explained’:

Penetration ~ %age of shoppers buying

The percentage of GB households purchasing in the specified market at least once in that time period.

Frequency ~ How often

The average number of occasions that the specified market was purchased by a market buyer in that time period.

AWP (Average Weight of Purchase) ~ Average amount bought

The average amount bought by each household which purchased the Market/Brand in that time period.

This can be expressed in terms of Spend (Expenditure), Volume (Kgs) or Units (Packs).

Trip Spend (£) / Trip Volume (Kg) ~ Amount spent /volume brought

The average sterling value per transaction / The average purchase weight per transaction.

Loyalty ~ %age or £ to a retailer vs. the others

The proportion of category spend Retailer A’s customers spend in Retailer A.  Can be either a value or a percentage.

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