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Presentation Skills Tips
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Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph: Draw Out Bad Habits

Do Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph? Watch our 2-part webinar recordings to understand how to ensure your online presentations are…
Presentation Skills Tips
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6 Tips to Channel Nervous Energy Effectively

Are You Struggling With Nervous Energy? You wake up to the alarm beeping erratically, signalling the big day ahead. Brushing…
Presentation Skills Tips
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How Public Speaking Has Been Transformed Post Covid-19

We’ve Had to Adapt Our Approach to Public Speaking The Coronavirus pandemic hit the world where it least expected and…
Presentation Skills Tips
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5 Expert Tips to Start a Presentation Effectively

How Do I Begin a Presentation? A well-constructed lede, which stands for an opening statement, can hook the audience to…
Presentation Skills Tips
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10 Presentation Tips to Help You Make a Winning Start

Follow These Essential Tips and Make the Best Start to a Presentation This article covers several essential presentation tips to…
Presentation Skills Tips
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Geoff Burch Shares His Cunning 4 Stage Sales Plan

Geoff Burch Shares His 4 Stage Sales Plan Watch Geoff Burch in 4 Videos that share his cunning 4 stage…
Presentation Skills Tips
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5 Tips to Help You Start a Presentation the Right Way

How to Start a Presentation? You may be an experienced public speaker with established presentation skills. Or perhaps you take…
Presentation Skills Tips
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Expert Tips on How to Deliver a Killer Oral Presentation

Tips to Improve Your Oral Presentation Skills After years’ of delivering oral presentations, I still find myself stumbling over my…
Presentation Skills Tips
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12 Presentation Skills Tips that will Engage, Delight & Inspire

Why Do These Presentation Skills Tips Matter? Many presentations are boring, dull, dry and Lifeless. That’s what Akash Karia states…
Presentation Skills Tips
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Do Not Start with Powerpoint – 7 Pieces of Preparation

Presentation Preparation ‘Do not start with Powerpoint – 7 Pieces of Essential Presentation Preparation’ is about sharing with you how…
Presentation Skills Tips
Businesswoman giving a presentation to a group of colleagues

7 Top Tips to Help You Look Very Professional with PowerPoint

How to Look Professional When Giving a PowerPoint Presentation If you create a number of PowerPoint presentations, you’ll no doubt invest a lot of…
Presentation Skills Tips
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3 Stages to Ensuring Your Presentations Deliver Maximum Influence

Ensure Your Presentation Will Deliver the Maximum Influence You’ve spent days, hours and some late nights building a great presentation.…