Challenge the Learners to ‘Self Discover’

Challenge the Learners to ‘Self Discover’ – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are you frustrated by training that creates short term interest but not long term change?’.

Why self discover? In fact, the best type of learning is the learning that we choose to do. The fact that we choose to do it indicates a benefit for ourselves. Whenever we think that we may receive a personal benefit from doing something, we are more inclined to do it. For example, how eager were you to learn how your new iPhone worked?
This raises two ways to engage the Learner:
1. Create an opportunity at the learning event for the Learner to ask, ‘What’s in it for me?’ We achieve this in ‘Sticky Learning ®®’ with our ‘ILO – Individual Learning Objective’, which is introduced to Learners on the Learning To Learn training course.
2. Provide an opportunity for Learners to discover more about the training topic. We provide this as part of the ‘Knowledge Vault’, which each Learner gains access to. In the Knowledge Vault each skill receives a cupboard and within each cupboard a shelf relating to the learning objective of that particular skill. Resources include videos, blogs, research, quizzes, and more.

Purple vault icon inside pink sticker

Learning to Learn courses provide the learner with access to the ‘Knowledge Vault’


After the learning event, provide the Learners with additional resources that they can explore. This might be an email with links to a piece of research, a book recommendation, a useful video, or an activity that they can perform.

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