Book Review: Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley

Key Person of Influence: About the Book

As a personal branding specialist, I read a lot of books on the topic of leadership, branding, and influencing. I have known of Daniel Priestley’s ‘KPI’ (Key Person of Influence) concept, book, and programme for many years. I finally got round to reading it at the beginning of 2019.

Hand holding book Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestly in front of a seashore
The Five-Step method to become one of the highly valued and highly paid people in your industry

KPI (Key Person of Influence)

KPI stands for ‘Key Person of Influence’. The book aims to support entrepreneurs who want to ‘make a dent’ and build fantastic lives and businesses, to do so by teaching them how to become ‘key people of influence’. Daniel does this by his 5 ‘Ps’:

  • Pitch
  • Publish
  • Product
  • Profile
  • Partnerships

Each one is covered in detail throughout the book. Moreover, the framework is a fantastic way to ensure you complete each step one at a time. It enables you to layer on top of the work you’ve done so far. It is written in a simple, easy to digest way but causes you to constantly think and rethink about the best way for you to establish yourself as a KPI in your industry.

the 30:10:5 rule explained
Read for 30, Write for 10, Teach for 5

Final Thoughts

The book is perfect for anyone who is keen to clarify and define their position in their industry and become someone who is recognised for the work they do and the person they are. I love Daniel’s approach to becoming a ‘Key Person of Influence’. He focuses on being ‘prolific over perfect’, encouraging people to take action and speed up results. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to level up. To learn more about personal branding, visit my website

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