Book Review: ‘Impact’ by Dominic Colenso

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Impact by Dominic Colenso: About the Book

There are many books that promise to provide the key to confidence, personal impact and increase influence. In his book ‘Impact‘, author Dominic Colenso provides practical techniques to achieve this.  Impact goes beyond explaining confidence and emotional intentions, our fears and perceptions.  Impact takes us on a journey of high-pressure situations step-by-step, using methods that can be used anywhere.

The description and explanation of the techniques are easy to remember and even easier to introduce.  When reviewing a book, you initially work through at pace – noting the chapters.  With this book, it was difficult to put down. You wanted to read it in full from the beginning.

Book cover Impact by Dominic Colenso

Impact by Dominic Colenso

The IMPACT Model

Usually, in business books, you would find a working model which helps the reader remember and implement.  Models tend to appear in the middle of the book after a long lead up.  Refreshingly, with Impact, author Dominic Colenso places the IMPACT (Intention, Mindset, Presence, Audience, Content, and Technique) model at the very beginning.   This framework is the central tool of the book. It explores beyond public speaking or important presentations.  While these are featured, Dominic takes the opportunity to intelligently expand the model by asking us to look inward.

As you would expect there are simple elements on preparation for public speaking such as mindset and breathing.  Dominic adds value here through considering situations and how we create the correct schedule for audiences.  It is this kind of detail that elevates the book above its peers.

In-Depth Experience

It is clear that Dominic Colenso is an expert in the field of communication, something that certainly shines through in Impact.  Dominic’s acting experience and tutoring from world-class experts make this book stand out from others in this field.  While there are many books covering confidence, influence and handling pressure, Dominic’s approach is straight forward.

This approach is not, however, overplayed. It is practical and makes sense.  There are some surprises. For example, ‘do put people in boxes’ being one of them.  As you work through, this approach makes sense.  Also provided is good common sense. Such as, ‘research your audience’ and ‘have a planned outcome’.  You would expect this in a book on communication.  Dominic does, however, use his experience to raise the game through new ideas and contemporary content.

Dominic Colenso’s book ‘Impact’ qualifies as a book that provides change that can be made instantly. Change with powerful results that last.  The changes that you may need to make or even consider making regarding communications can be well planned and provisioned for.  Application of this learning, in step changes will make a long-lasting difference.  Like with any new skill, it will take patience and practice.  Stick with it, follow Dominic’s advice and you will improve.

Final Thoughts

Dominic Colenso’s Impact is a refreshingly enjoyable and contemporary book to read, incorporating the stresses and considerations of a modern-day manager.

Importantly, Dominic uses up to date references such as the book Physical Intelligence to provide assurance and research.  Due to this, Impact is the standout book on communication.  While the author has a first-class pedigree in his field of acting and communicating, there is a feeling of humility within the pages.  Lessons learned are credited to others while mistakes and current feelings are freely admitted.  Unless you are supremely confident in every scenario, there is a place for this for book every manager or individual who are required to communicate

I highly recommend Impact, an excellent and intelligent read, presented by a highly engaging author.

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