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Regular readers of the MBM blog will know that we are passionate about self-development. Sometimes, however, it is nice to share our insight with others. Our founder, Darren A. Smith is a regular guest author in KamCity. He shares his unique blend of humour, industry experience and a dogged passion for self-improvement to help their readers maximise their potential and become the very best version of themselves.

About KamCity

EMR-NAMNEWS Ltd. is a UK company formed in 1980 with the aim of elevating the art of Customer Management within the FMCG market. For over 30 years, they have been providing high-level Account Management training for FMCG Business Managers, and conduct a wide range of in-house training assignments for an extensive international client base.

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Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #1 – Know Your Customer

Knowledge is power

It would seem so obvious, almost childish or even churlish to have to point out that in our experience the single most common mistake that account managers make when sitting down in front of their buyers is a lack of detailed knowledge about them and/or the companies they work for.

The very worst offenders are new, potential suppliers, often from overseas who seem to have the impression that buyers are there as welcoming gatekeepers to show them and help them gain access to the UK market.

Read the full article here.

Two businessmen looking at a laptop
Businessman giving presentation with colleagues

Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #2 – Sell What They Need

Don’t fall for a feature fest

The very low point of my week as a supermarket buyer often came at 4pm on a wet, dull, winter Thursday.

Having already had seven boring – to the point of wanting to chew your own feet off –  presentations from suppliers that day, up comes number eight, the last of the day – what a relief!

The NAM quite literally bounds into the room like Tigger on speed, super excited and hyper energetic – so much so that you wonder what are they are on? – and please can I have some!

Read the full article here.

Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #3 – Plan to Negotiate

No is bad, Yes is good…. but

‘No!’ – the one, tiny word guaranteed to strike terror into the very heart of any account manager.  Buyers are there to do deals – it’s their job title after all! – You may not think it, but they really don’t like to say ‘no’ too often.  Saying ‘no’ too regularly can lead to missed opportunities and investment which can then be subsequently taken up by their competitors.  Even worse and often terminally career limiting, the result of too many ‘noes’ too often can be empty shelves!

They much prefer therefore to say ‘yes…but’ quickly followed by trotting out one of the oldest tactics in the buying book – the venerable ‘Oliver Twist’ tactic of saying ‘Yes, but……. I want more!’

Read the full article here.

The word Yes made up on lots of No words in the letters
Pencil pointing to calendar dates

Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #4 – Promo Calendar

It’s that time of year

Whilst most normal people – Buyers and NAM’s – are relaxing and sunning themselves on beaches around world – there is that strange pale skinned breed of people who are busy working away deep in the sunless bowels of the big supermarkets on next year’s budgets – yes, the bean counters!

Most of the big six supermarkets financial years start in the first three calendar months of each year and therefore budget and business planning starts just before the summer break and gets going in earnest with the heavy thud of the ‘top down’ corporate budget as a cheerful welcome back from holiday for Buyers, lots of love, courtesy of the Finance team!

Read the full article here.

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