Book Review: ‘Connected Leadership’ by Andy Lopata

Connected Leadership by Andy Lopata: About the Book

For reasons of full disclosure, I need to state at the outset that the author of this book Andy Lopata is a long-standing friend of mine. However, I am not writing this review as a favour to a friend. I am writing this book review as the concepts contained within Connected Leadership will be so helpful to so many leaders.

In today’s modern and connected world, having strong relationships with a powerful network of professional contacts is more important than ever before.  A well-developed relationship network can be a powerful source of ideas, insights, inspiration, information as well as enabling us to leverage the strengths and capabilities of others.

Far too many people leave the development of such a relationship network to chance. In my work as a sales transformation consultant, it is quite common that I encounter salespeople who neglect the development of a strong stakeholder network within their customer as well as within their own organisation and indeed their industry. I actively encourage them to ‘build the relationship before you need the relationship’ if they want to obtain maximum leverage.

Connected Leadership by Andy Lopata, Book Cover

A Practical Guide to Help Develop Relationships

With the publication of Connected Leadership by Andy Lopata, I have a practical guide that I can recommend to them that will support them in developing successful relationships.

This book is a thought-provoking and practical guide that will help its readers to proactively develop strong professional relationships. Connected Leadership contains practical guidance on building, nurturing and leveraging your professional relationships. It takes a strategic and intentional approach that you can apply to the development of a strong network of contacts.

In the book, Andy Lopata looks at the three kinds of people to be aware of in any project (influencers, intermediaries and sources of ideas, information and insight) and provides a number of practical tools that you can use including ‘The Influence Map’ and the ‘Professional Relationships Wheel’.

This useful guide covers several key areas that are important to consider including the role of trust, protecting your reputation, gaining referrals, social media and taking a strategic approach at conferences and events.


Final Thoughts

All in all, Connected Leadership is a very practical and powerful book written by someone who is a role model of the principles he espouses.

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