Book Review: ‘Be A Champion’ by Jamie Peacock MBE

About the Book: Be A Champion

At this moment in time, on our third lockdown, mental health and wellbeing are high on the agenda of many.  Educators, workplaces and those of us who are responsible for the health and wellbeing of others.  Jamie Peacock has produced a book, Be A Champion, that focuses in on you through a guide rather than instruction.

Wellness Without Instruction

Jamie opens the narrative utilising his career in rugby league which is easily relatable and sets the context.  Refreshingly, Jamie uses each part of the narrative to make a relatable point for the reader on elements such as resilience.  Equally refreshing is the engagement of the reader immediately.  This works and, moreover, ensures that the focus point is you -and not the author.

Book cover, Be A Champion, Jamie Peacock

Simple and Effective

The key to this book is simplicity, and yet Jamie subtly introduces emotional intelligence.  While not directly stating this, there are elements where you are asked to consider and think about your own self-awareness.  Small quotes aid Jamie’s narrative, such as:

‘Don’t overestimate others and underestimate yourself’

This guides your thinking back to you, in this instance to consider your top three strengths.  Be A Champion helps the reader focus on four key areas:

  • Positive mindset.
  • Good sleep.
  • Eating healthily.
  • Physical activity.

Jamie introduces each section, offering expert advice on each without preaching.  Added to this, there is also an element of realism.  This is not a ‘preach’ book, it is one that makes practical suggestions for everyday people.  Added to this is the journaling element.  This turns this from a book that talks into a book that works for you.  The journaling ensures that you keep track of progress to ensure you keep to the positive habits.  This simple and effective approach aids you in monitoring effectual changes.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t really know what to expect when the book dropped through the letterbox.  I was struck by the professional look and ease of use immediately.  You get the sense that Jamie has given this book much thought and genuinely want people to have happier and healthier lives.  After a week of journaling, it does make you stop and pause at critical moments.

The book is also incredibly inclusive; whether you are a 17-year-old currently homeschooling due to lockdown or a busy executive, Jamie Peacock’s book, Be A Champion provides that moment of focus on you. I highly rate this book as an effective tool for modern-day life.  Bravo Jamie.

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