6 Team Building Activities to Improve Team Cohesion and Team Work

Try These Creative Team Building Activities

Anyone who has ever had to work as a member of a team or manage a team would be able to testify about the importance of collaboration and teamwork among team members. The manager has to ensure that all team members are on the same page and working in sync. Sometimes you have to do this by force, and other times, you have to be creative in teaching them to work together. That’s where creative team building activities come in and play an important role.

We were all taught from kids to play with others, work together, share loads, and also celebrate with one another. Yet, it is surprising now that there are not enough materials to teach managers how to build their team and make them work together.

Employees are people employed from different places under different circumstances and with different backgrounds, yet we have to bring together this diversity and make them work as one. To do this, we have to bridge the gap and close down the differences. This is not an easy thing to do; that is why it is important we must do it in a fun way to harness team spirit. Once we can create the space and time for the coworkers to bond together with numerous games, whether in large or small groups, it is only a matter of time before they foster team spirit and work effortlessly as a team.

In case you are wondering what fun activities to adopt for your team bonding, here are a few fun ideas from assignment help UK for creative team building activities:

1. Business Simulation

As the name goes, business simulation simulates a real-life problem related to work. To pull this off, you need to develop an imaginary problem related to your business (e.g., a project or a task) and then gather all your employees or team members in one conference room. Share the details of the imaginary problem to them. Inform them of the goals, rules, course, and the deadline to solve it. Then let them try to solve this problem.

The good thing with this team building activity is that it does not have any risks involved. Consequently, this gives your employees the freedom to think out of the box and be more creative and expressive in their approach.

Group of workers taking part in team building activity
This team building activity is a business simulation, where the team can simulate a real-life problem related to work.

This game allows everyone to come together as one group, think together, and work as one. It helps them develop their critical thinking and logical skills, which they need to deal with real-life problems, and sharpen their decision-making skills.

2. Cultural Celebration Parties

If you are employing people from different backgrounds and families to your organisation, there is a high possibility that your company has some diversity level. This is even more likely if you are a large organisation. Celebrating these cultural differences is very fun and very pure. But what it does, most importantly, is to foster love, openness, acceptance, etc. among the employees.

If your team is diverse, organising an annual cultural party will help to deepen this culture of diversity and further strengthen it. To make it more fun, you can ask the employees to put on their traditional dresses on this day and come with their cultural foods.

3. Blind Retriever

This is a simple and common team building activity. The goal of this game is to build bonding and communication among your team members. Here, a team member has to reach a hidden object or a specific point while on a blindfold. They will have a guide, another team member who will lead them, not by the hand but by their words. This game will test how much your employees can perform as a team under pressure. It will also show how well they can take and respond to instructions while under pressure.

To play this game, divide the team into smaller groups. Blindfold just one member of the team. The team that can lead their mate on a blindfold to the goal one or hidden object wins the game.

4. Office Trivia

A trivia session will always be one of the most fun things to do within an organisation. Office trivia will test how much knowledge the employees have about the business. The company’s history and some random facts are going to be the centre of the questions. The employee who correctly answers the highest number of questions wins the game and gets a prize for it. If you want to spice the game up a little, put a bizarre prize up for grabs.

A group of business people in a meeting, they are doing office trivia.
Office Trivia is a team building activity that tests how much the employees know about the company.

5. Office Debates

Obviously, no one wants any form of argument with their workplace, so you might discard it as a bad idea. But on second thought, an office debate might just be one thing that you need. The good thing is these debates are friendly and very-low stake. This makes them healthy in building understanding and cooperation among the team members. They get to reason with one another and try to understand the other person’s point of view.

Also, debates can help in reducing heated situations in real life. And whenever there is a conflict, the employees will be able to handle it better because they have learned to listen to, reason with, and try to understand the other person’s point.

In light of this, you should consider arranging a structured debate as a team building activity in your workplace.  You might ask your employees to debate critical issues, such as social issues, political, economic, and the company or industry-related issues. Select some of the employees to be the debaters and pick some few others to be the judges.

6. Board Games

According to an essay writer at college paper writing service, board games are never a miss when trying to develop a team through creative activities. These games are ideal for improving logical thinking, flexing some level of resource management, and several other mental capacities to improve.

Multi-coloured dice and wooden counter pieces, team building activity
Board games are a team building activity that can improve creativity and logical thinking.

One of the board’s benefits is that it is not costly and can be played anywhere. Some examples of these are Pandemic, Codename, and Monopoly, etc.


From manager to team members, you will need to put in plenty of effort to build a strong team. While it’s possible for your team to just get together organically, it will always be a good idea to cultivate a culture of team-building within your organisation so that everyone supports the other. This means that you also have to reinforce relationships if you are going to be active with team building. But once you are able to add some fun and creative team building activities like these, it becomes easier.

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