What Do the Posters Around an MBM Training Room Mean?

You’ve been hard at it learning and then were curious, ‘What do the posters around an MBM training room mean?’ We’ll tell you more…

1. The Leaky Bucket Poster

This image represents the way we all currently learn. A lot goes in and then goes straight out. This is why we developed ‘Sticky Learning ®’.  After 30 days, you could lose up to 80% of what you have learnt, unless you engage in the learning better and use repetition more. MBM Leaky Bucket Poster 'Retain 60% of everything you learn'

2. The Kid’s Roundabout Poster

This image reminds us about learning styles and that we all enter the circle at different places and then go around the 4 learning styles until we get off.

  • P: Pragmatist – How does this learning apply to me and my world?
  • A: Activist – How can I get stuck into using this?
  • R: Reflector – I need to go and think about this.
  • T: Theorist – I need to see a model of how this works.

Kid's roundabout 'Know your learning style'

3. The ‘About to Explode’ Man Poster

This image helps us understand that if we set goals, like holding our breath for x seconds, rather than just doing it, we can achieve more. Particularly SMART goals.About to explode man 'set your goals' MBM Sticky Learning

4. The Toothbrush Poster

This image is about habits and the teachings of BJ Fogg. In short the lecturer from Stanmore University tells us that if we anchor a new habit with a current habit of the same frequency, our chances of success are greatly increased. For example, if you wish to add a daily habit, do it after you brush your teeth. Toothbrush 'find your habit triggers' MBM Sticky Learning

5. The Learning Buddy Poster

This image shows the three legged race. It is about you and your Learning Buddy which is used in course & post course. You select a ‘Learning Buddy’ because they’ll help you learn more by keeping you on–track and being your conscience. Know Your Learning Buddy

6. The ILO Poster

This image shows one of  most important parts of your training course,  your ‘Individual Learning Objective‘, sometimes referred to as your ‘ILO’. In essence, the ILO is asking, what do you want to achieve from the effort you are putting in? Learning rosette 'your individual learning objective' MBM Sticky Learning

7. The Sticky Learning ® Poster

This image shows ‘Sticky Learning ®’. In short Sticky Learning ® is our own unique blueprint that we have developed to help learners Realise more of what they have learnt, are able to Recall more of what they have learnt and Retain more of what they have learnt. Brain - Sticky Learning MBM

8. The Capture Your Learnings Poster

This image shows the two options leaners are encouraged to adopt to ensure they capture their own notes, in their own words to ensure their learning stays with them for the longterm. Keepers Mindmaps 'Capture your way'