7 Coaching Skills Every Manager Should Have

Are You Ensuring Your People Remain Efficient?

You are in the right place. Being a manager is similar to being a coach: you have to get output, and efficient output at that too. Companies that have excellent managers who possess perfect coaching skills to improve their business are more successful in the long run as compared to their counterparts- check out our Ultimate Guide on this topic. Therefore, teach your employees some basic skills such as resume writing.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Let’s take a look at a few coaching skills for managers that are mandatory for an effective leader:

1. Build Trust

In the business environment of today, managers face a lot of pressure. Various conflicting work situations and issues require perfect Leadership Training in the face of adversity. Managers need to build trust with their employees to ensure that they will remain loyal and will work hard in every situation, no matter how tough the circumstances are.

Moreover, as a leader, you have to inspire others by your actions. Show your subordinates that you are willing to put your best. Demonstrate your willingness to help and provide them with guidance whenever required.

2. Take Their Input

Instead of telling your employees what to do and expecting them to follow blindly, ask for their input. Listen to their ideas and allow them to create their own solutions. By letting them do this, you are showing a huge amount of faith in them, which they tend to honour. Talk to your employees, listen to what they have to say.

Moreover, since the solution to the task at hand is their idea, they are more likely to produce results. As a good resume writer, you’d know what to look for in the resumes of your potential employees. This will help you in choosing the best team.

Angry businessman with fist on table
Businessman with angry expression and his fist on wooden table

3. Don’t Try to Fix

You are there to facilitate the learning process and workflow of your employees. You are not there to fix anybody. Therefore, make sure that you provide a helping and guiding hand to all your employees. When you see a mistake, simply point it out and let the employee fix it on his own.

Thus, you have to show them the right path, not walk the path for them as well. Make sure that there is a clear structure for accountability. Set a clear path for your employees by providing them with an objective.

Then let them find their own way. You have to fix their problems in an innovative manner. You can’t leave the issues your employees have unaddressed because they will constrain the ability of your team to meet the task expectations. Additionally, you can take coaching skills training online to improve your skills.

4. Build a Motivating Workplace

No matter what age, gender, ethnicity, or culture your employees belong to, they are motivated by 3 main psychological needs:

  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Relatedness

Therefore, as a leader, you must create such conditions in your workplace that support and cater to these needs of your employees. This will help in internally motivating your sub-ordinates and will result in sustained success.

Coaching Skills for Managers, Motivating Workplace
Group of three people using coaching skills

Take a genuine interest in the work of your employees, listen attentively, and ask questions. Moreover, make sure that you acknowledge their inner experiences and feelings. Include them in your decisions. However, if you can’t do that, then the least you can do is telling them the thought process behind the decisions.

Additionally, learn how to communicate perfectly with your employees. You can watch YouTube video tutorials or read articles from Forbes to learn more about employee-workplace relationships.

5. Set Clear Goals

The major reasons why both managers and employees feel overwhelmed at times is the lack of focus. Moreover, to be successful, you have to let your employees know what your expectations are from them and you have to guide them and show them the perfect way to apply their time so that they’d get the best possible results.

Make sure that you delegate the tasks and objectives leading towards the goal in a proper way, all the way taking input from your employees on how they think the task should be completed. Thus, make sure that you provide them with clear feedback on their work as well. You can learn coaching and teambuilding skills for managers and supervisors online as well.

Feedback is a two-way conversation, so you should also ask your employees what they think about the way you manage things.

6. Nurture the Talent

Our employees have skills and talents that most of us fail to nurture. Additionally, make sure that you turn these latent talents of your employees into excellent capabilities so that they’d be able to give you their best. Maximise their potential, and you will secure long-term success for your organisation. You have to define personal attributes and polish their talents.

Moreover, when it comes to employees, you have to reward them for their performance. Additionally, most of the managers entice their employees with benefits such as bonuses, wage increase, promotions, etc. However, you don’t have to provide only external motivation to your employees.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your employees are content with the work they are doing and are getting inner satisfaction from it as well. Provide the means for motivation, and you will see that their performance exceeds your expectations.

7. Maintain a Humble Attitude

You can’t be an attention hoarder and an effective leader at the same time. You have to leave your ego at the door when you come to work if you want your subordinates to work effectively for you. Moreover, you shouldn’t make the work and its progress about yourself. There are skills coaches online who will help you with this.

Finally, you have to be emphatic. Moreover, you have to be capable of building a rapport if you want to be an effective leader. You have to respect your employees in order to gain their respect. Build a relationship with your employees of mutual trust and respect. Thus, you will see positive results immediately.


The old way of bossing your employees around, giving orders and expecting your sub-ordinates to fall in line is long gone. Employees no longer work just to collect the paycheque at the end of the month. They want to be a part of something larger than life. Thus, it is your duty as a manager to provide them with exactly that.

Hence, you have to practice exquisite coaching skills to create a sense of belonging in your employees. Moreover, motivate them every single day. We hope that with this article we have answered your question of what are coaching skills for managers.

Here’s to a successful, helpful you!

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