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Thank you very much for showing an interest in sharing your thoughts by writing a book review for our blog.

Previous Writers Have Been Just like You

We’d love you to write a book review for our award-winning blog because you have an interest in personal development. Many people, like you, have written book reviews on our blog because they want to share their thoughts on a book, with the world. From HR Managers in the Engineering Industry to Learning & Development Managers in Manufacturing to CEO’s. They were all welcome. Here are some examples of book reviews that people have written:

Writing a Book Review is Pretty Easy

Our main requirement for a book review is that you share why someone should read this book. We have a bunch of other easy requirements, and these are below. The main one is that you share why it was such a good book to read. How it helped you to perform better at work.

  • A minimum of 300 words. Roughly, that’s about 3/4 of the length of the article you are reading.
  • You can send us your text in any form you like. Email, Linkedin message, or any other way. We’ll copy your text and optimise the article, as you have seen in the articles above. You get to approve your article before it is published.
  • Paul, our web editor, will also ask you for a bio and a picture of you, to accompany your article. If that sounds like a hassle you can get this to us at a later date.
  • The best book review gives the reader a clear ‘why’ they should read it and shares a few of the great nuggets from the book.
  • If you can, an advanced piece we are looking to add to each book review is a part on ‘Learning Transfer’. As you may know, we are all about making learning stick. And we’d like to extend this to books. If you can answer the question, ‘What did you do differently as a result of reading this book?’, that would be great.

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