About the MBM Brand, Our History and What it Means for You

Our Values & Why We Were Created

Learn more about the MBM brand, its values and why it was created.

Brief History

Making Business Matter was created in 2002 by Darren A. Smith. As a Category Manager at one of the big four UK supermarkets for over 12 years, he saw a need to support suppliers to understand and work better with the UK supermarkets.

Over the last 14 years, MBM has continued to evolve from being a consultancy that provided suppliers with category management expertise, business planning and training, to now hyper specialising in people development of suppliers to the big four supermarkets.

Thank you to the many people who have helped shape MBM to now provide industry-leading products, like Category Management, with a unique approach to training, ‘Sticky Learning ®, that the UK Grocery Industry now seek out; Andy Palmer, Sally Booth, Andrew Grant, Sue Raeside, and many more.

The Vision, Our Values and Our DNA

We worked with a truly excellent marketing agency called ‘Life‘ that introduced us to the model of the ‘Life Diagram’. This template helps you to identify your vision, your values what you believe and more.

Purple themed brand strategy for MBM Making business matter
Our Brand Strategy


Above is the Life Diagram for MBM that you can click for a higher resolution. Also, here is an editable PowerPoint version. The key parts to expand upon are:


We wanted to create an aspirational vision that would never be achieved, but it would make us forever strive towards achieving it.

How we Behave, Look and Talk

Clients told us that the thing that they valued most about us was that we understood their industry because we had worked there. Therefore the website is full of images of supermarkets, food products, shelves and the big four UK supermarket logos. We wanted to add a further element of ourselves, which is to have fun.

Our Strapline

Clients and prospects told us that they knew we were passionate about learning and development, yet our offer did not reflect how driven we were to make it stick. Sticky Learning ® is our unique training method. And we chose a strapline that no other training provider could replicate: ‘80% of our Learners are still using their new habit 5 months later – guaranteed‘.

Insurance Certificates

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