Are You a Great Negotiator?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you spend a good amount of time exploring the arena by asking lots of open questions to understand what the other party wants?

#2. Do you prepare for your negotiation in a structured way identifying your wish, walk-away, gives & wishes, and tools that you will use?

#3. Do you write what you believe your opponent is thinking about their negotiation, their wish, and walk-away?

#4. Do you seek common ground and to continue building common ground, with your opponent, and know the reason why this is important?

#5. Do you know what tools you can use to improve your confidence when negotiating?

#6. Do you have a variety of persuasion tools that you can use in order to persuade your opponent?

#7. Do you know different types of questions you can use to seek clarity?

#8. Do you positively influence a large network of people?

By not influencing a lot of people you will not gain support for when you do need to influence individuals, because your reputation will have a limited reach.