Are You a Great Leader?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you understand how your personality impacts the team’s performance positively and negatively?

By not understanding how your personality, as a leader, effects your team, you’ll struggle to minimise mediocre performance and maximise good performance.

#2. Do you, as a leader, challenge the status quo frequently and not accept ‘that is the why we do it around here’?

By not challenging the status quo, as a leading and accepting ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’, you’ll encourage others to perform averagely.

#3. Do you inspire others to perform beyond what seems possible to what seems impossible?

By not inspiring others to achieve the impossible, performance will be never outstanding.

#4. Do you create a vision of what great looks like as a team? And how it is possible?

By not creating a vision of what great looks like and how, the team will achieve less and not strive for their very best.

#5. Do you motivate others continually to be the very best version of themselves?

By not motivating your team continually to improve you will accept ‘ok’. And ‘ok’ will not achieve the very best satisfaction, individual performance, or team performance.

#6. Do you have a very positive influence on your team?

By not having a very positive influence on your team, you are probably negative. Negativity breeds and allows others to see a problem in every solution.

#7. Do you manage ambiguity and change well with your team?

By not managing ambiguity and change well with your team, uncertainty will spread. At a time of change, people look for what to do from their leaders.

#8. Do you positively influence a large network of people?

By not influencing a lot of people you will not gain support for when you do need to influence individuals, because your reputation will have a limited reach.