Are You Great at Managing Conflicts?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you demonstrate personal positive impact and confidence?

By not demonstrating positive personal impact and confidence, you will come across as negative, and not wanting to solve this conflict.

#2. Do you understand the 5 conflict modes of dealing with a conflict?

By not knowing the 5 conflict modes that people use, you will not be able to understand how to deal with each conflict mode progressively.

#3. Do you have a variety of styles to deal with conflict handling?

By not having a variety of styles to deal with conflict you will resort to a single style. That style is likely to be ‘get me the manager’. This style is blunt and works only in some situations.

#4. Do you have an understanding of an organisation's politics?

By not understanding a company’s politics, you will struggle to solve a conflict because you’ll miss the context of how to resolve the conflict successfully. Like the story of the graduate, asked by the MD to investigate a company plane. The graduate came back and said that the numbers said ‘No’. The MD bought the plan anyway!

#5. Do you have a tool to help to understand other people's perspectives?

By not having tools to help you to understand other people’s perspectives, you will focus on your perspective only, and become frustrated.

#6. Do you aim to resolve the conflict to achieve the right outcome for the majority?

By focussing on achieving the right outcome for you, and you only, you will risk your relationships for the medium term and beyond.

#7. Do you avoid and encourage people to avoid conflict?

By avoiding all conflict and encouraging others also to do the same, we stop healthy debate, where ideas are grown. No conflict is not a healthy company.