Are You a Great Coach?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you create a foundation for coaching by discussing the 'rules', ways of working, and 'what to do if…'?

By not establishing a solid foundation with your coachee, you will find that the coaching journey circles back frequently to establish a foundation when it is too late.

#2. Do you establish trust with your coach by knowing the 4 parts of the trust model and ensuring that each piece is solid?

By not establishing trust with your coachee you will limit what is achievable in a coaching relationship?

#3. Do you define measurable goals with your coach?

By not defining measurable goals with your coachee you will struggle to focus on a change and know whether than change has delivered what was needed.

#4. Do you actively listen when you are coaching? Because you know the 7 traits of actively listening.

By not active listening, or knowing how to actively listen, you will not engage your coachee and be in danger of mentoring, rather than coaching.

#5. Do you have a wider variety of different types of questions to use? For example, funnelling questions, open questions, and leading questions.

By not having a toolbox of different types of questions to draw upon and to use them at the right time, you will limit what the coachee shares with you.

#6. Do you continuously support your coachee? Not doing 'drop-in and run' coaching.

By not frequently coaching your coachee, or having a series of sessions, you the momentum will be stunted and never really ‘get going’.

#7. Do you have a motivating and approachable style that helps to get the very best from your coachee?

By not having a motivational and approachable style you will struggle to be a great coach because you need to be positive whilst challenging. A tough balance to make.

#8. Do you positively influence a large network of people?

By not influencing a lot of people you will not gain support for when you do need to influence individuals, because your reputation will have a limited reach.