Webinars of Soft Skills and Key Topics in the Grocery Industry

Webinars of Soft Skills and Key Topics in the Grocery Industry

On this page, you can find a schedule of webinars for the coming year helping you to be the best version of yourself with soft skills learning and also trending topics in the Grocery Industry.

For many webinars we partner with a great company – Wanzl – the leading provider of systems and solutions which help retail and other consumer-facing sectors maximise their trading potential.

Webinar Schedule for 2022

Our schedule for this year is as follows and normally on the last Friday of the month:

  • 25-02-22: Sustainability Part Two – ‘Bring Back Plastic’
  • 25-03-22: Rapid Grocers Part Two – Who are the Winners and Losers?
  • 29-04-22: Retail Leadership – What Does a Great Leader in Retail Look Like?
  • 27-05-22: Stores of the Future – A Peek into 2040
  • <Summer Break>
  • 30-09-22: E-fulfilment – An Insight into How this Works
  • 28-10-22: Collaborations – Who’s Cosying-Up with Who?
  • <Christmas Begins>

Get Involved

You’d like to be a speaker because you have something to contribute? Great. Contact us. Or you’d like to attend? Great. Follow us on Linkedin and we’ll keep you up to date. Or, you have a cracking topic that we have not thought of? Great, tell us.

Previous Webinars

Sticky Learning Lunches

In 2020 we ran a series of about 70 lunchtime webinars to help people to navigate the pandemic, with topics like ‘How to work from home’, or ‘How to manage a remote team’ and ‘How to avoid distractions at home’. These were exceptionally well received and they are all available for free – Sticky Learning Lunches.

HFSS: High in Fat, Salt, or Sugar Foods Webinar

In July 2021, together with Wanzl, we ran a very popular HFSS webinar addressing the problems of the new pending legislation. Attended by Amazon, Tesco, Coop, Sainsbury’s, IKEA, and many leading retailers, we aimed to raise the profile of this topic to help people to navigate the future. The webinar was £25 to join. You can watch the recorded HFSS webinar at no charge.

Rapid Grocers Webinar

In September 2021, together with Wanzl, Rapid Grocers was the topic. Again, a very successful and well-attended webinar looking at the rise of Rapid Grocers, like Getir. Attended by all the leading retailers, speakers from Nielsen IQ, and Gorillas, offered their views on this revolution in grocery retailing. The webinar was £25 to join. You can watch the recorded Rapid Grocers webinar at no charge.

Sustainability Webinar

In November 2021, together with Wanzl, sustainability was the topic. Our keynote speaker was the Global Head of Sustainability for Unilever – Vera Markl-Moser and Steve Lister – the Linkedin guru leading the charge on this important issue. Together, with other speakers, they offered their opinion on sustainability and were heard by over 20 leading retailers. This was £25 to join. You can watch the recorded Sustainability webinar at no charge. Just click on the image below:

Links to Youtube Video Supermarket Shopper Sustainability Webinar
Sustainability Webinar with Great Speakers & a Great Audience

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