Many clients and prospects tell us that they are now working remotely. Yet still want to develop. Virtual Classroom is the perfect solution.

They describe working from home as ‘getting used to a new way of life-working’. They are more productive, yet miss being with people, and have more time for them. This is where virtual classroom training comes in. Directors are reluctant to put learning and development on hold until people are ‘back in the office’, and want to use the time at home well. This is where virtual classroom training helps.

In a Nutshell

Using our face-to-face virtual classroom Learners attend training. Our trainer stands in front of a whiteboard and trains. From 3 Learners up to 8 Learners in soft skills for 1.5 hours, over 3 sessions; foundation, intermediate, and advanced. A total of 4.5 hours. Each virtual classroom will be held every 2 weeks and is exclusive to your business. Plus, the Learner completes exercises (Sticky Pieces ®) in between clasrooms to make the learning stick.

Skills that can be Learnt Virtually

We train 14 soft skills. From presentation to leadership, to time management. Plus, we have added 5 additional skills to cope with the challenge of working remotely. They are:

  • How to Give an Effective Online Presentation.
  • How to Lead in Uncertain Times.
  • How to Manage Remote Meetings.
  • How to Manage Remote Teams.
  • How to Work from Home.

Learners simply login to our virtual classroom, like they would a Skype/Zoom/Teams/Hangout call.

Measuring Capability Improvement

Our competency framework can help each Learner to measure their improvement in the chosen skill. Each of our soft skills has a competency framework that is based on 7 essential qualities for that soft skill. The Learner can self assess where they are now on a particular soft skill and then again post the virtual classrooms.

Included in the Cost

Each Learner will receive 4.5 hours of classroom training. Plus, access to our knowledge vault. Plus Sticky Pieces to complete between training sessions. These are 20-minute exercises complete by the Learner ‘at their desk’ to embed the learning. In essence, to make it stick.

Virtual Classroom Cost

For 3 x 1.5 hours of virtual classroom training for each Learner is £225+vat. You will need a minimum of 3 Learners.


We are proud to have over 50 written testimonials and a similar amount of video testimonials. And included the person’s name. We do not hide with testimonials like ‘Sales Director of a Top 20 brand’.

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