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Use a ‘Single Question’ Evaluation – comes from the Free Guide – Are You Struggling To Demonstrate The Return On Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?

A simple and effective tool for evaluating training is to ask the Learners a single question for each of the 4 training levels. Your email could look like this:
To:          Learners
Subject: Learning Event on <date> on <skill>
Body:     <Include a question/statement, selected from   one of the 4 below>

Learning Level List - MBM Training Provider

Learning Level List

Use one of the 4 questions/statements below. Ideally used at the appropriate number of days after the learning event.

  • +1 Day:  Write 3 words that describe your    reaction to your learning.
  • +7 Days:  How much has your knowledge    increased on this topic? Give your    answer in %.
  • +14 Days:  Name one thing that you now do    differently as a result of the learning.
  • +21 Days:  Give 1 example of how your learning has impacted our business.


When you have organised, or know of a learning event being organised, make a note in your diary to email these 4 questions/statements to the Learners. Once you have received the responses, summarise the themes into a simple overview:

  • +1 Day is called the ‘Reaction’ level. This is the first level of evaluation and is carried out by 77% of organisations. The response is typically positive, except about the sandwiches!
  • +7 Days is called the ‘Learning’ level. This evaluation level is carried out by 36% of organisations and the responses vary, as the % is subjective. You are looking for the majority to be percentages over 20%.
  • +14 Days is called the ‘Behavioural’ level. This evaluation level is carried out by 15% of organisations. You are looking for the specific application of a tool, or tools, rather than general application.
  • +21 Days is called the ‘Results’ level. This evaluation is carried out by 8% of organisations. You are looking for a specific impact of a specific tool on the business, for e.g. ‘The presentation to the customer had the best feedback we have ever received after the presentation skills training, and we won the business worth £x’.

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