Use a ‘Single Question’ Evaluation: Struggling to Display ROI?

Use a ‘Single Question’ Evaluation – comes from the Free Guide – Are You Struggling To Demonstrate The Return On Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?

A simple and effective tool for evaluating training is to use a ‘Single Question’ Evaluation (asking the Learners a single question) for each of the 4 training levels. Your email could look like this:
To:          Learners
Subject: Learning Event on <date> on <skill>
Body:     <Include a question/statement, selected from one of the 4 below>

A sticky note with red pin and learning levels hand written on
Use single question evaluation for each of the four stages

Use one of the 4 questions/statements below. Ideally used at the appropriate number of days after the learning event.

  • +1 Day:  Write 3 words that describe your reaction to your learning.
  • +7 Days:  How much has your knowledge increased on this topic? Give your answer in %.
  • +14 Days:  Name one thing that you now do differently as a result of the learning.
  • +21 Days:  Give 1 example of how your learning has impacted our business.


When you have organised, or know of a learning event others have organised, make a note in your diary to email these 4 questions/statements to the Learners. Once you have received the responses, summarise the themes into a simple overview:

  • +1 Day is the ‘Reaction’ level. This is the first level of evaluation, and 77% of organisations carry it. The response is typically positive, except about the sandwiches!
  • +7 Days  is the ‘Learning’ level. This evaluation level is carried out by 36% of organisations, and the responses vary, as the % is subjective. You are looking for the majority to be percentages over 20%.
  • +14 Days is the ‘Behavioural’ level. This evaluation level is carried out by 15% of organisations. You are looking for the specific application of a tool, or tools, rather than general application.
  • +21 Days is the ‘Results’ level. This evaluation is carried out by 8% of organisations. You are looking for a specific impact of a particular tool on the business, e.g. ‘The presentation to the customer had the best feedback we have ever received after the presentation skills training, and we won the business worth £x’.

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