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In this fast-paced world of UK Supermarkets and their Suppliers it is essential that the groups of people working together at the supplier are a team. No one person can achieve challenging targets alone. We will support your group of people in a Team Building event to become an even more effective team.

This is a Team Building Skills Training Course of 1+1+1 classroom days, 4 months apart, with support in between days, designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method ‘Sticky Learning ®‘. A team bonding event will aim to create a real difference in the way you and your team approach the coming year’s challenges together. We don’t have you climbing mountains or swimming across lakes. We do get into the psychology of true team development making our days about understanding each other better using HBDI ® psychometric tool.

Unsure if you need Team Building?

Learning Objectives for Team Building

  • A safe environment to pose challenges, identify team challenges, and look for the team opportunities.
  • Empower each individual team member to understand their ‘place’ in the team and what they can offer to the team.
  • By taking the team through Tuckman’s four stages of team development; Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing, a team can understand where it is, where it wants to get to and begin to figure out how to do so.

How and Why Do We Use the HBDI ® Tool?

The HBDI ® Psychometric tool is a fantastic tool for understanding yourself and others better. Used by large companies like Coca-Cola it has profiled over 2 million people across 45 countries. Having worked with this tool for over 14 years we know that it can provide teams with a foundation to build trust leading to better relationships. Some of the applications of this tool are:

  • Giving more effective feedback.
  • Understanding the overall strength and weakness of a team.
  • Knowing why people ask the questions that they do and need the answers that they do.
  • Buying-in each other better by using the appropriate communication and trustworthy relationships.
  • Capitalising on the strengths of individuals to get the best work done for the team.
  • A model for resolving problems in the group by working through an order that is best for the team.
  • Helping individuals to learn more quickly and in a way that works better for them.

To understand more about the HBDI ® Tool please read the ‘Ultimate Guide to HBDI‘.

Who is Team Work/Building for?

All teams that want to understand themselves better, each other better, and achieve their goals. Those that need ‘time out’ to regroup, get to know each other again, and get ready to face the tough challenges ahead, as a team, not as a group. For top tips read our Team Bonding Blog, e.g. ‘Benefits of Team Building’ and ‘The Art of War’.


“MBM organised our annual team away day and delivered a first-class event. Building the schedule around resolving business challenges and conflicts, the content was well-managed and supported by Darren’s insight into high performing teams in customer-facing environments. We were impressed with every aspect of the training and would not hesitate to recommend MBM.” Jon Barfoot, Commercial Director, Barfoots of Botley


Your Facilitator for Team Working

Darren Smith of Making Business Matter

Darren Smith

Your facilitator for a Team Build event will be either Andy Palmer or  Darren A. Smith. They have careers lasting between them of over 45 years. Andy has spent almost equal time between a UK big four supermarkets, a supplier to the UK big four supermarkets and his time with MBM. Darren is in two halves; 12 years as a Category Manager at one of the big four UK supermarkets and then 12 years managing as the founder of Making Business Matter. They both ensure a relaxed, experienced and fun environment where teams are challenged & encouraged.

Andy Palmer of Making Business Matter

Andy Palmer

People Per Event

The number depends on the objectives of the team building event. Previous clients have wanted to build a more effective team with 5 Senior Managers, whereas another client wanted to build a more effective team across a division of 50.

Watch this 1 Minute Video About Our Team Building

For further information, you can find our Ultimate Guide to Team Building Skills here.