Negotiating With Buyers Training Masterclass

Masterclass Overview

This 1/2 day Negotiating With Buyers Masterclass is for Sales and Marketing teams working for suppliers to the major UK supermarkets, that want to negotiate more profitable wins with their supermarket buyers (Details of the full Negotiation training programme).

Supermarket Buyers are highly trained negotiators negotiating every single day supported by a big and powerful company – To achieve profitable wins you need your team be the best that they can be, otherwise profits will be hard to maintain.

Our Masterclass is delivered by an ex-big four supermarket buyer and will share with you the training and the tools that buyers use to win.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Negotiating Masterclass you will be able to:

  • Capture learnings better.
  • Recognise the broad strengths and weaknesses in negotiations.
  • Make more effective proposals when negotiating.
  • Influence more effectively during negotiations.
  • Understand the other party’s needs better in negotiations.
  • Improve your confidence when negotiating.

Investment, Time and Duration

Each Masterclass is a 1/2 day, for up to 12 people and only costs £750+vat (£62.50 per person). To achieve this cost we require an hour with a decision-maker to discuss further training.

Available for Face to Face or Online Delivery

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“MBM understood our challenges because they are accredited professionals from our industry.”

“The chain of evidence meant I understood the individual ROI from the training.”

“Their learning techniques made it stick for the long term, giving continuing improvements.”

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