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Mental Health Training Course        Mental Health Training

Do you want to significantly increase your ability as a manager and leader to have the right conversation when your team members need it most?

This Mental Health Training course is about taking all the things we think and know we ‘should’ be doing as leaders. It’s easy to say we need to have a conversation, it’s even easier to ignore it and sweep it under the carpet. Why? Because people are nervous about having that conversation.

Why Mental Health Training?

In other words,  we worry we’ll say the wrong thing at the wrong time, subsequently making it worse. Admittedly, we feel under experienced, prepared, or qualified, in spite of having the MHFA cert already behind us.

However it’s important that we do have these conversations, not just now, but always. Mental Health is a thing,  to clarify, it is only going to get worse if we keep putting it off, therefore we must face into and talk about it.
The course covers 4 core elements; Mental Health First Aid, Leadership Coaching Fundamentals, Coaching Psychology and Feedback models that support and create deeper behavioural change for the long term.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Mental Health training, the Learner will be able to:

  • You’ll learn to recognise the warning signs of mental ill-health.
  • Know how to empower someone to access the support they might need for recovery or successful management of symptoms.
  • How to listen, reassure, and respond, even in a crisis.
  • Understand the Competency Ladder and how to apply it.
  • Use the MIND coaching model with their teams.
  • Understand the difference between coaching/mentoring/counselling.
  • Use more effective questioning; Open/Closed, Reflective, Funnelling
  • Explore beliefs in Coaching – ‘Pygmalion effect’.
  • Know how to use the Transactional Analysis Drama Triangle to support personal safeguarding.
  • Know how to apply these learnings instantly within your team – and get results.
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How to Have a Mental Health Conversation – Click the image to download.

How to Have a Mental Health Conversation