Influencing buyers, NPD teams, and supply chain teams, is hard. And with millions of pounds of business always at stake business can easily be lost with not enough influencing being done or the wrong influencing being done. This CPD accredited Influencing Skills training supports Learners to get more of what they need in a positive way.

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Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this Influencing Skills training course the Learner will be able to:
    • Use a variety of tools, including positive self talk and visualisation, to strengthen self-awareness and inner confidence.
    • Demonstrate body language that is congruent with the message that they wish to send.
    • Read and recognise what might lie behind the body language used by others and use this positively to enhance relationships.
    • Demonstrate a range of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, including mirroring and matching, to create and strengthen rapport with others.
    • Demonstrate the skills of an assertive approach to influencing, depending on the situation.
Topics covered

Training Topics Covered

These 3 days, 6 months apart, are often underestimated as a ‘pink and fluffy’ skill, yet Influencing Skills Training can be the cornerstone of getting what you want from others. This series helps Learners be the best version of their influencing-self.

  • Refresh on ‘Learning To Learn’.
  • ‘Thinking up’ your Impact – creating a positive mindset
  • Building Rapport: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Thinking
  • The Trust Equation
  • Hilltopping – the power of Empathy
  • The power of words, voice and body
  • The Circle of Influence
  • The Push and Pull Approaches to Influence;
    • Push Skills: Expressing views, stating proposals, and making requests
    • Pull Skills: 3-Level Questioning, listening to understand, and not to Judge
  • TA’s Ego States – Parent/Adult/Child
  • My ‘One Chance’ Message rehearsal and feedback

For top tips read our Influencing Skills Blog, e.g. ‘How to Enhance Your Persuasion Skill with ‘iRascal’’.

Ideal learners

Ideal Learners

For everyone that influences supermarket buyers, supermarket developers, and supermarket supply chain teams. Plus:

  • People who are delivering projects and initiatives internally and externally.
  • People that want increased self-awareness about how well they impact, and influence, others.
  • Those who, in their performance reviews or development plans, have had a need identified around their influence.


“I thought that this course wasn’t for me because I can do this stuff and it’s all a bit ‘fluffy’. I am so glad that I attended because I now know how much difference it can really make. I am using this stuff at work and I can only say that it works very well.”

For more testimonials visit written testimonials or video testimonials.

Making the Learning Stick

Hopefully the term ‘Sticky Learning ®’ has intrigued you, whilst you probably guessed a sense of what it is about.

In short Sticky Learning ® is our own unique method that we have developed to help Learners Realise more of what they have learnt, be able to Recall more of what they have learnt, and Retain more of what they have learnt. In 2016 we further upgraded this unique training method to include habits formation as a big part of helping Learners to use more of what they have learnt.

This is good for our clients because it means that the money they spend with us is better invested than with other training providers because the learning is used for longer.

Course duration

Training Course Duration

This is a 1+1+1  day. The purpose is to introduce HBDI ® to the group and share their profiles. Four weeks later the Learners are given the opportunity to discuss their reflective thoughts, how they used HBDI, and further questions. Plus, an opportunity to learn more about using HBDI ® for presenting, feedback, and selling.


Learners Per Course 

10 Learners because this drives enough discussion between the learners to explore the skill well, whilst not too many that any one Learner gets ‘lost’ in the debate. If you do not have up to 10 people please checkout our 121 Executive Coaching, which can help just you to learn this skill.



  • For 10 Learners the cost is £225 per Learner per day.
  • The total cost for up to 10 Learners for the training course of 3 days, including Sticky Pieces, and the 5 level evaluation ‘Chain of Evidence’, is £6,750, plus vat.
  • Either held on-site at the client’s premises, or at an off-site venue can be booked and charged back to the client.

Measuring Return on Investment

There are many evaluation methods for training, each trying to find the holy grail of return on investment. We use Donald Kirkpatrick’s four level training evaluation model as a base because it has stood the test of time, since 1953.

Level 1: Reaction: How did the Learners react to the training?

Level 2: Learning: How much learning did the Learners get?

Level 3: Behaviour: How much have the Learners used the learning?

Level 4: Results: How much effect did the Learner’s learning have on performance?

Few training providers measure the return on investment beyond the level 1 reaction. We have added one further level:

Level 5: Sponsor: How much did we achieve the sponsor’s objectives?

Read more about our 5 level evaluation tool and see an example report – ‘Chain of Evidence’.


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