Extra Sticky Individual Coaching: Supporting You to Achieve More

Individual Coaching Training Course

Extra Sticky Individual Coaching for your training. Our Sticky Learning ® unique training method aims to change behaviour for the long term so that you get a better return on your investment. Our Learners learn more, more quickly and more easily. Adding the Extra Stick Individual Coaching to your training programme will support an individual to achieve even more.

Extra Tuition Can Only Help

A bit like school children that will leave school with a good education if they work hard. Some parents pay for extra tuition because they want their children to achieve their full potential and a few additional lessons in a particular topic will certainly help.

3 Reasons to Add to Your Training Programme:

Coach and trainee during a one-to-one

One-to-one coaching can achieve so much more than 1 to 12 in a ‘training room’ because the tutor is solely focused on helping that individual to achieve their individual learning objective.

Panel of expert communicators with microphones
How to Demonstrate Communication Skills

All our coaches have extensive experience in their field. If the individual has a need for coaching on negotiation skills they will be matched with a tutor that trains and coaches in negotiation. Similarly for time management and all our other skills. The tutor is different depending on the skills required to be coached.

The back of a gym coach walking towards two trainees
Discover If You're Really Coaching & How to Coach Effectively

Through coaching, the coach and the coach will greatly improve the odds of achieving the individual learning objective and improving the performance of the coachee. See the graph below.

Purple Coaching Graph showing Performance plotted against Time
Get a coach after training for even greater results

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